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Jeffrey Nortey is a Ghanaian actor, content creator, media personality, and TV presenter. He became known for his role in movie  Counter trade. He also create content with the Nigerian comedian Sir Balo.

Jeffrey Nortey
Jeffrey Nortey Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Facts, Photo
Quick Facts
Real Name:Jeffrey Nortey
Date of Birth:May 19
Place of Birth:Dowowa, Ghana
Occupation:Actor, Content Creator
Net Worth:Under Review

Early Life

Jeffrey Nortey was born on May 19 and hails from Dodowa, Ghana.

He went to Cosmos basic school gor his primary education and attended three secondary schools; St. Thomas Aquinas, Manpong Presec and Ghanata Senior High School. He studied journalism and public relations at Jayee University. He also studied acting.


Jeffrey Nortey began acting professionally in 2013. He becamek known for Iroko TV’s “Counter Trade”. He has starred in movies in Dabce with the devil, Once Upon a Family, Heals & Sneekers, De Ja Vu.

Jeffrey now creates more content with the Nigerian comedian, Sir Balo as both aurally center their content around women with big backside in a hilarious way.

Social Media

Jeffrey Nortey is active social media. He is on Instagram @Jeffreynortey

Net Worth

Jeffrey Nortey earns his career as an actor and content creator. His net worth remain under review for now as there is no official confirmation as regards the details of his income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jeffrey Nortey?

He is a Ghanaian actor and content creator.

How old is Jeffrey Nortey?

He was born on May 19.

Where is Jeffrey Nortey from?

He is from Dodowa, Ghana.

Is Jeffrey Nortey married?

He is not married.

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