How to Survive in the Nigeria Today

Many in Nigeria
are affected by the present economy. The prices of commodities are climbing yet
salaries and wages remain stagnant.

It is important for Nigerians to develop some habits
discussed in this article so they can cope with the current situation till things
get better.
Below are some ways to reduce spending so you can survive
and avoid running into debt. 
One, map out your financial plans
Many find themselves in a financial mess because of the
failure to draft out a proper spending plan. If you have a clear vision of what
you want to achieve financially, what you want to spend and what you want to
save, it is easier to maintain a particular budget and not get carried away by
unnecessary spending.
Two, learn to save          
No matter what you earn, be sure to dedicate a particular
percentage to normal savings, as well as an emergency fund that you can fall
back on in case of sudden events like loss of job.
Three, go out less
Most people spend a fortune on going out, watching movies at
cinemas, hanging out with friends and buying impulsively. Steer clear of
friends or female folks that only drag you out to spend lavishly. Learn to say
no to them. If you can find ways to limit the way you go out, you will be
saving yourself a great deal of money.
Four, be budget conscious
You can as well map out a financial plan but not stick to
it. Learn to Leave Your ATM and Credit Cards at home, and to try as much as possible
to use them only for emergencies. Carrying ATMs and credit cards makes it
easier for people to make unplanned purchases – POS machines even makes it
faster, as you can pay conveniently without going to queue at the ATM gallery
or have a rethink.
Even when in the times of emergency spending, be sure to
look for deals and discounts you can trust, so as to cut the spending. If you
are a business man that frequently goes on emergencies trips, look for hotel deals
and discounts on Jumia Travel.
What ways have you devised to strive in the present economic
situation? Share them with me below.
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