Top models history and their famous HD wallpapers. How to find out!

Top models history and their famous HD wallpapers. How to find out!

If you want to find out about the top models and their history, you have landed in the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the best models, their history, and if you fall in love with them, we will give you the details of a tool and technique using which you can find HD videos of these models to set on your main screen.

There are millions of models from all across the globe who are related to different platforms. We have discussed the top ones for you guys in this blog post.

Top Six Models and their brief history

Go through the details of these models. You can also find tons of details about them if you Google them individually.

Suzy Parker

Suzy is one of the earliest model girls globally; she was active in the late 1940s and was famous for her hourglass figure. She was considered to be the famous muse star of the famous photographer Richard Avedon. Suzy’s sister was the world’s first model up until she came into the limelight. Suzy was one of the first models who earned more than $100,000 per year and is the only model in the world with a Beatles song named after her. If you go through the pictures of Suzy even today, you would surely fall in love with her charming personality.

Lesley Hornsby

Lesley Hornsby who is also known as twiggy, is among the most popular century models. She was active in the late 1960s, and you must know that she was the very inventor of the swinging sixties! The story of her fame is quite unorthodox. She was discovered at the age of 16 when she chopped her hair off in a salon at the west end! A fashion journalist/critic saw her pictures, and she has one fired since then. She is considered to be one of the historic models in the world! Twiggy’s pictures on the web would still eat the brains out of you.

Veruschka (Anna)

A versatile model with an unnatural name; she is among the models you cannot take your eyes off if you look at her face. She is one of the first models who came up with the concept of fake eyelids. Her face was always filled up with gold leaves which added to her attraction. You would be surprised to know that Anna belonged to a mixed family. Her father was German, and her mother was a Prussian countess. Her father was executed for the attempt of murder on Hitler.

Pat Cleveland

One of the famous black models of the century; Pat started her career in the late 1960s and is still active. She is one of the first black models who have won the title of “the all-time favorite superstar” by a US Vogue editor. Pat got very famous as she brought her theatrical style on the ramp instead of following other models. Pat is from New York but has spent many years in Paris to note French elegance in her personality. Her pictures on the web would surely stun you.

Beverly Johnson

Another famous black model from the 1970s, Beverly, is quite famous for her Chisel-jawed glamour. She is one of the only models in history who should be credited for fording the fashion industry to respect and take black women seriously. She is also one of the first African-American models to appear in Vogue magazine in 1974. She has also worked in various movies. One of her latest and famous performances is in Sabrina-The teenage witch.

Cindy Crawford

A top model from the 1990s, Cindy Crawford is known best for her big hair, strong and vibrant eyebrows and hot athletic body. She has also won the title of the ‘most famous models of all times.’ She is a combination of both brains and beauty. You would be surprised to know that Cindy is one of the only stars who nearly ended up as a scientist/chemical engineer. Cindy has gathered a lot of fame for her shape your body exercise series.

Where to find HD pictures of these models?

Now that you know about the world’s famous models, you might want to set one of their pictures as your screen wallpaper. You must know that tons of HD pictures are available on the internet of these models, but it can be hard for you to find the perfect ones. We would suggest you use the reverse image search technique for finding HD pictures. There are tons of reverse photo search tools, but if you want to get accurate and detailed results, then you should go for Duplichecker’s reverse image search tool.

This reverse image search tool is among the famous tools available online. You can make an image search via keywords, and you can also search by image to get relevant or similar results. When you open this image finder, you would see the options to enter keywords, and here you can enter the name of the model for which you want the wallpaper. The reverse image lookup tool would take less than three to five seconds to get your desired HD quality results.

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