Hadiza Aliyu Gabon Biography, Age & Pictures

Hadiza Aliyu Gabon Biography, Age & Pictures

 Hadiza Aliyu Gabon is a Nigerian actress who is popularly known for her role in the Hausa movies.

Hadiza Aliyu was born in Libreville, Gabon and she is of mixed heritage with her father a Gabonese descent and her mother, a Fulani ancestry from Adamawa state.

Hadiza Aliyu attended both her primary and secondary education in Gabon where she was born and raised.

She took a step into the university but later dropped out. She eventually attended a diploma programme in French language and later became a French-language teacher in a private school.

Hadiza Aliyu joined the movie industry in 2009 after she met with Ali Nuhu who assited her to launch her career with the drama series “Artabu”.

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She’s also best known for her appearance in the movie “Ali Yaga Ali” which brought her to limelight.

Ever since then, she has featured in other movis such as Wasila, Yar Maye, Aisha Humaira, Badi Ba Rai, Haske, Basaja, Jarmta, Gida Da waje, ciki da raino and many others.

Hadia Aliyu has also received several awards including Best actress at the best of nollywoods, Best supporting actress at Kannywood AWA 24 film, best actress of the year at 2nd Kannywood and so on.

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  2. you are destined to be girl, you have made through the industry what left for you is to get a God fearing person who can take care of yourself. I think is time for you to quit film industry and back to matrimonial home, thank you all.

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