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F2 Freestylers which comprises of Jeremy Alistair Lynch (born on July 28, 1987) and William Jonathan ‘Billy’ Wingrove ( born on December 17, 1982), are British freestyle football duo known for the Ultimate Soccer Skills football channel which also boast of over 12.8 million subscribers.

f2 freestylers
Quick Facts
Also Known As:The F2
Birth Date:Jeremy Alistair Lynch (July 28, 1987) William Jonathan Wingrove (December 17, 1982)
Birth Place:United Kingdom, England
Occupation:YouTubers, Freestyle footballers, Football Agents
Net Worth:$5 million

Early Life & Background

Jeremy Alistair Lynch was born on July 28, 1987 in United Kingdom, England while William Jonathan “Billy” Wingrove was born on December 17, 1982, also in England, United Kingdom.

Wingrove is from a football family as his father Alan briefly playing in the youth set-ups of Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal while his cousin, Greg Lincoln is part of the Arsenal football club team.


Both Jeremy and Wingrove had dreamed of playing professional football.

Jeremy was released from his football club because he didn’t understand the game and his movement was poor. He went on Britain’s Got Talent for freestyle football in 2008 and ever since then, he has been doing football freestyle instead of going for a professional football.

Wingrove on the other-hand had a trial for Tottenham Hotspur at the age of 11 but was rejected for his physical appearance. He took interest in freestyle football at the age of 19 and then began earning money while doing tricks.

Jeremy and Wingrove decided to come together to make a career off freestyle football.

Both have subsequently been invited to perform their skills at top notch events such as Ballon d’Or awards ceremony.

The F2 as fondly called, also have a YouTube channel, Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel where you can get lots of match play tutorials, live performances, football entertainment and so on.

The freestyle football duo also have a football management agency, F2 Talent.

The also established two clothing lines, The F2 store, a merchandise for their YouTube channel and Rascal Clothing, a lifestyle brand for different wears.

Net Worth

Jeremy Lynch and William Wingrove have a YouTube channel, Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel which has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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