Comedian Emmanuella Biography | Age | Facts

Comedian Emmanuella Biography | Age | Facts

 Comedian Emmanuella biography, age, family, facts and things you probably don’t know about the child star.

Born Emmanuella Samuel popularly known as Emmanuella is a Nigerian comedian with fame both in the country and abroad.

She gained her fame after appearing in the Mark Angel comedy video “My Real Face” and had also featured in other comedy videos like “Emmanuella sleep”, “Oga Landlord”.

Here are the things you might not know about her:

1. Emmanuella as fondly called was born on July 22, 2010 (Age 7).

2. She came to the spotlight after featuring in Mark Angel’s comdey video “My Real Face”.

3. Emmanuella is Mark Angel’s niece.

4. She started comedy in primary One.

5.  She was dicovered by Mark Angel when realised that she’s capable of ebing influenced positively.

6. She attends Perfect International school, Porthacourt.

7. She made her first appearance at Julius Agwu’s show as an upcoming act and her second was at Funnybone’s show.

8. She has won several awards including the G influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award.

Emmanuella instagram profile is @officialemanuella.

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