Check Out The World’s Most Expensive Chicken And How much It Costs (Photos)

Check Out The World's Most Expensive Chicken And How mUch It Costs

 The jet-black Ayam Cemani is considered as tone of the world’s most expensive chicken and reportedly sold at approximately N900,000.

Ayam Cemani is a unique breed which originated from the island of Java, Indonesia and being sold by the Florida-based breeder, Paul Bradshaw for $2,500 in 2013.

The chicken which was named after a village “Cemani” in central Java, is often called “Lamborghini Of Poultry” as it was his most requested bird ever.

Apart from the outer all black appearance of the chicken, their meat, bones and organs also appears to be black,

Their black colour occurs as a result of excess pigmentation of the tissues which is caused by a genetic condition known as Fibromelanosis.

The blood of Ayem Cemani is often coloured and they also lay a cream coloured eggs with slight pink.

Credit: Pulse

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