Bolanle Ninalowo Biography: Age, Wife, Movies & Net Worth

Bolanle Ninalowo biography, age, movies, net worth

Bolanle Ninalowo is one of the prominent actor in the Nigerian movie industry born on May 7 in Lagos.

The tall, handsome and talented actor is the second child in a family of eight children.

He hails from Ikorodu part of Lagos where he was raised before moving to chicago in the U.S at the age of 15.

He spent 15 years in Chicago where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Dewry University. He also obtained a masters degree in Marketing from Kellar graduate school of Management.

Nino as fondly called worked as a banker in General growth properties in Chicago after his studies. He returned back to Nigeria in 2010 and decided to fall back on his childhood dream of becoming an actor.

He started as a producer and came out with “REBIRTH” but didn’t get that recognition as expected due to lack of experience.

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Bolanle decided to give acting another shot in 2014 where he called on his cosuin Rukky Sanda for help. Of course, she gave the hunky actor his first roleand guess what, that was how Bolanle came to limelight.

Ever since then, he has starred in several tv series and movies including Husbands of Lagos, Baby Shower, The Guardian, Walking Away, Picture Perfect, to mention a few.

Bolanle Ninalowo get kisses from wife
Bolanle Ninalow picture with Wife
Bolanle Ninalowo and children
Photos – Bolanle Ninalowo with his children

The actor who draws inspiration from Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), has also worked with top actos across the country such as Francis Duru, Iyabo Ojo, Ayo Adesanya, Ronke Odusanya, Gabriel Afolayan, Halima Abubakar, Alex Ekubo, Chinenye Uyanna, Uche Ogbodo, Mary Remmy Njoku and many others.

Aside acting, Bolanle Ninalowo also runs a car dealership company left to him and his siblings by his father.

He has also won numerous awards, one of such is the Revelation of the year at Best of Nollywood Awards in 2010.

Net Worth – Still Unknown

Social Media Profile

Instagram: @iamnino_b

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    I like the man because he possesses some qualities. such as very active, handsome, smartness,and he also speaks good fact I love watching movies especially nollywood. But when I watched my kids and I, I respect the way he acted on that film.

  2. Happiness belongs to those who always think good to others & pray for all. May Allah’s Rahama be with you, May Allah SWT, who determines the direction of everything, direct wisdom, honour, Mercy, good health and long life to you and your loved ones.Itx_K.Y.BATUREJumat Mubarak

    1. He is a evil. Man…He has some many women on Instagram that he follower…I was one of them until he asked me for money…When I refused to send to him hr became a raging monster…calling me all sorts of bad names…This is a dangerous guy if he dont get what he wants…

      1. Www. Chukwudiezeji9

        Bolanle can’t do what you just said common you don’t know him at all he don’t ask for money because he is a rich handsome guy, and he is a good actor in nollywood industry, all his movies is nice and sweet when you watch it, people of the world don’t accused innocent person, again bolanle don’t ask for money, i think its the people that use his image to pretend to bolanle that you’re talking about not the real bolanle i know okay.

      2. To unknown how do you that it was him.Did you to talk face to face I mean did you Skype or FaceTime.if you did not see who you was sending the money to you don’t know for sure that it was him that ask I for the money.Thsy are alot people out here personating these actors to get money from people I know that for sure because I was scam by someone pretending to be Mike ezoronye.

  3. Whenever I see this man in a movie everything else stands.Your acting is lovely,wonderful,beautiful,excellent………

    1. Bolanle is not a bad guy whoever you say you’re be careful of what you say about the innocent nollywood actor and he don’t ask people for money you just want to spoil his image you’re a bad person by saying that, you don’t even know about him bolanle is tall handsome guy and love all his movies, please bolanle don’t aske for money because he is a rich guy, i don’t think he is him okay its people that pretend to be him that you’re talking about not the real bonlanle.

  4. He is the best have ever seen in the movie industry I love him I wish I can have a night with him without nothing in return I love his body and structure

  5. I like this tall and handsome man. He is a best nollywood actor I like best. He does things with passionand is a lovely man. Keep the ball rolling.👍

  6. I been talking to someone on WhatsApp that says he is Bolanle he video chat with me several times but I’m still not sure u know ppl know how to use the computer technology to their advantage. Only way I will believe it is him is if he was standing in my face 👀 I don’t mind the conversations right now.😊

  7. This is true guys be careful its him bolanle ninalowo I talk to him every day pretending to be in a relationship with me he asked me to send him 2.000 pounds it is him for sure I talk to him on video call almost every day. He is asking money because he wants to launch his movies before December and he is short of money. Bolanle ninalowo is a big scam and broke Niga

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