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Assemblies Of God Church logo and meaning

The history of Assemblies of God Church began around 1931 when a gorup of people in the Southern Eastern Nigeria thought that the Pentecostal experience in the Bible was relevant to the present age.

As a result of this, these group of people started praying fervently for that experience and by 1934, some of them claimed to have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit where they began speaking in tongues as an evidence.

These had led to the establishment of many churches in this region and beyond.
At some point in their growth, these grup of people realised that they needed to be properly discipled and as a result of that they wrote to the American Assemblies of God Church Seeking for help.

Of course it led to the the arrival of Rev. & Mrs Williams Lloyd Shirer in June 1939 but to your notice, these missionairies ddin’t get to Nigeria but had arrived in Ghana which is not too far.

So some poeple in Nigeria who were called the Church of Jesus Christ were actually sent to meet these Missonairies. The two parties were able to work out an affiliation agreement in the same year and the Assemblies of God Church in America subsequently sent a missionary couple to Nigeria. The sent couple Rev. & Mrs L. Philips arrived in Nigeria in 1940.

Later on, these missionaires began training young men and women after which they saw the need to establish a bible school in old Umuahia, Abia.

In addition to the Bible schools, they also established a printing press so as to provide printed materials to the various branches of the Assemblies of God Church has been growing consistently.

Check out some of the Affiliations of the church below:

  • World Assemblies of God Fellowship (WAGF).
  • Africa Assemblies Of God Allaince.
  • World Pentecostal Conference.
  • West Africa Assemblies Of God leaders Regional Conference.

However, the Assemblies of God Church, Nigeria currently maintains a relationship with that of United states of America and also partners with other Assemblies of God Church worldwide.

The logo of the church is quite a simple one with Assemblies of God Church written on it and also a symbol depicting a bible with the words “All the gospel” which simply explains the importance of preaching the gospel.

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