Art on the football court: Marvellous footballers’ tattoos that can tell their stories

This fascinating article will tell you about footballers who not only impress with their performance on the pitch, but also express their personality and history through unique tattoos. From symbols of family and faith to abstract compositions and cryptic quotes, you will learn about the most interesting and meaningful tattoos from celebrities such as Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovich. Enter the world of art on footballers’ bodies and uncover their personalities beyond the football pitch.

Lionel Messi

Legendary Argentine footballer Lionel Messi has many tattoos on his body. One of Messi’s most famous tattoos is the image of his mother’s face on his back. This was the first tattoo that appeared on the footballer’s body in 2010. The tattoo serves as a constant reminder to him of the importance of family in his life. The first tattoo, as well as all Messi’s subsequent ones, was performed by the same master – Argentinean Roberto Lopez. The second most famous is the number 10 tattoo, which he wore on his Barcelona shirt. The tattoo symbolises his association with the club and his great achievements.

The tattoos on the footballer’s right arm reflect his life path and religious views. One of the key images is the lotus flower on the inside of the hand. It symbolises the journey of a young Argentine boy in becoming a professional football legend. A football legend whose adrenaline rush is as intense as if we were on the pitch. But if suddenly the adrenaline from watching a football match is not as high as we would like, there is a great solution – Surebet. Place a bet with a reliable betting company, and you are guaranteed not only a brighter viewing experience, but also a cash win.

Next to the flower is a small crown – as a symbol of devoted and pure love. A similar tattoo can be seen on Messi’s wife; they performed them together. This is not the only tattoo dedicated to his wife, there is also a female eye with beautiful long eyelashes on his biceps. Leo’s beautiful lady of the heart also graced his belly with her lips. The footballer has a tattoo of his favourite lips on the underside of his stomach.

Messi’s religious beliefs are reflected in the picture of the face of Jesus, next to which the footballer later wrote the name of his second son, Mateo. On the elbow of footballer Messi’s same right arm is a tattoo of a stained-glass window. The sketch was inspired by the Sagrada Família church, a cultural treasure in Barcelona.

He also has an important reminder to himself and to all of us of the transience of time and life itself – a tattoo of a clock with cogs and gears underneath.

Both the athlete's feet are also adorned with sketches with deep meaning. His right leg is encircled by rings on which are inscribed the dates of birth of his dearest people: his wife Antonella, his sons Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro. Leo's left leg has a picture of a ball on it. The sketch is at the top of his shin and is dedicated to his main passion, which made him a legend. 

Zlatan Ibrahimović

Zlatan Ibrahimović, known for his charisma and outstanding skills on the pitch, is also known for his impressive tattoos. On his neck, you can see a tattoo of an angel with the inscription 'Only God Can Judge Me', a phrase that expresses his philosophy and confidence in his actions. It is also a symbol of his religiosity and faith. 

Zlatan has tattoos on his arms with the names of his children and parents. This shows how much they mean to him. In addition to the names of his family, Zlatan has tattoos with the birthdates of his closest family members on his wrists. On the right wrist you can see the birthdates of men and on the left wrist you can see the birthdates of women. The footballer also has a tattoo of his full name in Arabic script on his arm as a reminder that his father is a Muslim.

You can also see an image of Buddha on the player's body. In Ibrahimović's version, the deity has five heads, each symbolising one of the four elements, while the fifth symbolises creativity. Apart from the Buddha, there are tattoos of a dream catcher and a feather on the player's body, which are supposed to protect him from bad thoughts and dreams.

On his left shoulder blade is the biggest tattoo of a footballer – a carp. The carp as the only fish capable of swimming against the current is said to be the only one. With this, Zlatan emphasises his difficult destiny and stubborn nature.
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