5 Tips That Can Make Your Car Last Longer

5 tips that can make your car last longer

Maintaining a car could be time consuming but if is something that should be done to make your car last longer.

Whether you drive an old volksagen or a new Toyota Camry, one thing important is to maintain the car for as long as possible.

As you use your car daily, the life span begin to deteriorate as a result of extra wear.

Below are 5 tips to extend the life span of your car.

1. Rotation of Tyres

You should always have you car tyres rotated when it goes in for servicing.

It is usually advisable to change your tyres once in every six months. You can also check with your owner’s manual for the time your manufactures suggest to have the tryes changed.

2. Keep Your Car Away From the sun

Protecting your car from the sun is very important as the Sunlight is capable of eating the car paint thereby making it vulnerable to rust.

You can also use a car cover to protect against moisture and other possible damages.

Often times,, it’s better to park your at the car garage to have utmost protection.


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3. Cleaning The Engine

Most people only focus on the exterior part of the car not realising how good it is to also take care of the inside.

You can also extend its life span by washing the engine once in a while.

Removing the sludge that do accumulates on the outside part of the engine, always help keep the parts from heating and thereby allow you stay away from the mechanic.

4. Transmission Maintenance

Vehicles requires their fluids automatic transmission fluids repalced every few years or 75,000 kilometres depending on the make and model of the car.

Manual transmissions requires lubricant changes every 80,000 kilometres.

5. Filter Changes

Always try to observe the recommneded maintenance in your owner’s manual, as clogged fuel and oil filters make automobile engines work extra hard to perform standar functions.

Even when there is no clogged filters, preventive maintenance is one of the things you should do to extend the life of the car.

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