5 Common Email Mistakes You Should Totally Avoid

5 common email mistakes you should totally avoidWhen writing emails, one of the mistakes people often make is spellings error which may be that they don’t know the spellings or as a result of the tiny phone keyboard. People often make spellings error more than any type of error.

Spellings error is not the only error been made, so here are the other frequent  email errors.

1. Capitalization: This is one of the error being overlooked by people. Capital letter should always be used when starting a sentence and normal capitalization rules should be followed in emailing especially in a professional setting.

2. Use of Active Voice: Although grammarians have the general believe that active voice produces stronger writing than passive voice. It’s just more appropriate and makes more sense to use passive voice than active voice for example “These email errors were made by Grammarly users” instead of “Grammarly users made these errors”.

3. Using Same Words Repeatedly: Sometimes its better to find synonyms to words in your sentence instead of using the same words often and often. Using another word to replace the first word makes your statement flow and the person reading your email understand you better.

4. Lackluster Vocabulary: The first thing that should be on your mind when sending out emails is to consider the kind of words to use in your body of text. The eloquence of your vocabulary should be considered when it comes to formal emails.

5. Misspelled Names: Most people often overlooked this type of error but its an error that can decrease your credibility especially when it is the recipient’s name that is mispelled.

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