4 Songs That Can Make You Get Over An Ex

  A lot of things make the world go round and good songs are definitely on top of the list. The Kind of songs we listen to can literally determine the way we feel at any point in time. Like whenever i want to be in a lively mood, i listen to party songs like Lil Kesh ‘Ibile’.

After splitting with your ex, you need not to bother about uplifting your spirit with fake smiles or post break up misery on social networks when you can actually simply allow music to change your mood.

There are a lot of songs that can help you pass through pains until you are strong enough to dance and party the way only single people know how to. As such, do away with all those your sad songs by changing your play list to songs that will make you feel like a special someone.

1. I will survive by Gloria Gaynor
This song has been around for a while and its one of the song you can listen to after coming out of a relationship especially when you just realise that you are done with your ex.

2. You don’t own me by Lesley Gore
The amazing thing about this song is how powerful the lyrics used in the song are. The rhymes are upbeat enough and it comes off with words like “You don’t own me, don’t try to change me in my way, you don’t own me. don’t tie me down, cause i’d never stay”.

3 Not the Girl By Darey Art-Alade
This is one piece of good music you mus listen to after a break up. it tells how much you have change and how much you have moved on with your life to achieve greater things after leaving your ex.

4. Irreplaceable By Beyonce.
The thing about this song is its fast beat and and exhilarating lyrics. If your past relationship was one you were being cheated on, then this song is for you. I t tells how much important you were and the confidence to let yourself know you have got a lot of things ahead of you.

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