5 Things We Don't Like About The MBGN 2017

5 Things We Don't Like About The Recent MBGN 2017
The most beautiful girl in Nigeria beauty pageant for 2017 has come and gone but there are still some certain things we do not like about the event which was held at the Convention center, Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Below are the 5 things that got us thinking about switching away from the channel:

1. The programme took so long to end. As if it was not enough that the prgramme didn't start on time, it was just so annoying as it took the jduges so long to make decision which even made the event longer and boring.

2. Models that can't strut! Is that one a model?

Like seriously, during the event some of the models really look like they were just trying out the gowns on them for the very first time. The girls were no where to be found in some parts where they were supposed to strut in the evening gowns.

3. The DJ's where just playing the wrong songs

One would definitely think that the Dj will be playing beautiful Nigerian songs at the MBGN but our own Dj did contrary to this. Imagine the Dj playing 2010 Nicki Minaj songs, that was really awkward.

It got to a point that the host, Ik had to say "This is not the type of song to play for our queen".

4. Another thing we didn't like about the event is that, there was moment where the sponsors of the event were called upon to take pictures at the middle of the event. The worse about it is that the girls had to wait, smiled and slayed while they wait for others that are not present.

5. The last point is that the Miss Kebbi looked like she was not interested in the award. Everyone was expecting to have the looks on her face to be 'I can't believe it' or probably tears should be rolling down her face but it was just the opposite we saw. She was just too cold like she knows the award is hers before the event.

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