Who is Henry Golding’s Father? Clive Golding Biography: Age, Wife, Net Worth

Clive Golding is well known as the father of the Malaysian-British actor and television host, Henry Golding who is popular for the role of Nick Young in Crazy Rich Asians. Clive Golding is a former military member of England and now, an engineer.

Clive Golding
Clive Golding: Wiki, Bio, Age, Facts, Photo
Quick Facts
Date of Birth:N/A
Wife:Margaret Likan Golding
Children:Henry Golding, Jessica Golding, Ed Golding
Net Worth:Not Estimated

Early Life

Clive Golding holds British nationality. He is the father of Henry Golding, an actor. He was a military member of England and served in England as a mechanical engineer during his military time. He is now a helicopter engineer.

Personal Life

Clive Golding got married to Margaret Likan Golding, who worked as a nanny in an immigrant family in Brunei. Clive and Margaret met in Brunei and dated for some time before they eventually married. The couple has three children together namely Henry Golding, Jessica Golding, and Ed Golding.

Ed works as a chef and photographer in London, Henry Golding is an actor and television host and Jessica is married with two children.

The family lived in Terengganu, for almost five years and later moved to Surrey, England.

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Social Media

Clive Golding is not active on social media.

Net Worth

Clive Golding earns his career as an engineer. His net worth has not been estimated.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Clive Golding:

Who is Clive Golding?

Clive Golding is the father of the British actor Henry Golding.

How old is Clive Golding?

His age has not been revealed.

Where is Clive Golding from?

He is a British.

Is Clive Golding married?

He is married to Margaret Likan Golding.

What is Clive Golding’s Net Worth?

Clive Golding’s net worth has not been estimated.

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