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Thanuska Subramaniam (born January 16, 1993) is a Canadian beauty influencer. She is well known as a professional make-up artist.

Thanuska: Bio, Facts, Photo
Quick Facts
Birth Name:Thanuska Subramaniam
Birth Date:October 17, 1988
Birth Place:Ontario, Canada
Occupation:Digital Creator, Beauty Infleuncer
Height:5 ft 7 in
Weight:60 kg
Husband:Nidun Chandrakumar
Education:Wilfrid Laurier University
Net Worth:Not Estimated

Early Life

Thanuska Subramaniam was born on january 166, 1993 and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

She grew up alongside her other siblings and was raised by her mom.

She went to Wilfrid Laurier University where she studied Psychology.


Thanuska had passion for doing make up while grwoing up where her mother who also worked for a make-up company would bring home free samples and then she became to learn and try out new things.

Prior to fame she was an Administrative Assistant in 2017.

She began doing make up for both family and friends and was given much support but despite everything, it took her few years to realize her talent for this field. The year 2017 was a different one for her after she got an opportunity to do a make up for a promotional shoot and that was how it all started.

Personal Life

Thanuska is married to Nidun Chandrakumar, a video creator.

Net Worth

Thanuska Subramaniam net worth has not been estimated.

Social Media Handle

  • Instagram: @thanuska.s

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