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Prisma James is a Cameroonian actress who is known for her role in the movie “Nganu”. She is also known for her roles in Nollywood movies. She is credited for movies like Love Ticket and Girls Envy.

Prisma James
Prisma James Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Facts, Photo
Quick Facts
Real Name:Wai Prisma Kebei Zun
Date of Birth:October 15, 2000
Place of Birth:Cameroon
Net Worth:Not Estimated

Early Life

Prisma James was born Wai Prisma Kebei Zun on October 15, 2000 in Cameroon. She obtained a degree in Management at the University of Bamenda (FEMS).


Prisma James began acting while in the University. She came through professionally with a debut role in the movie “Nganu”.

She got more exposure for her role role in the movie “Chase to Grave” starring alongside Lizzy Gold Onwuaje.

She has starred in movies such as; Restless, Chambers of Secret, Stockbrokers, Friendly Enemies, Girls Envy, Love Ticket, Crazy Love, The Arrival and so on.

Social Media

Prisma James is active on social media. She is on Instagram @prisma_james

Net worth

Prisma James earns her career as an actress. Her net worth has not been estimated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Prisma James?

She is a Cameroonian actress.

What is Prisma James real name?

Her real name is Wai Prisma Kebei Zun

Where is Prisma James from?

She is from Cameroon.

How old is Prisma James?

She was born on October 15, 2000.

What is Prisma James known for?

She is known for her role in the movie “Nganu”.

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