Patty Mayo Biography: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth

Patrick Thomas Tarmey well known with the moniker Patty Mayo, is an American YouTuber and entrepreneur. He came to prominence for his self titled YouTube channel where he shares bounting hunting videos.

He is known for his vlogs on pranks and challenges. He gained more exposure for his educative, entertaining and informative content.

He also boast of large number of followers across his various social media platforms.

Patty Mayo
Patty Mayo: Bio, Facts, Photo
Quick Facts
Real Name:Patrick Thomas Tarmey
Date of Birth:July, 1987
Birth Place:Boston, Massachusetts, U.S
Zodiac Sign:Cancer
Occupation:YouTuber, Entrepreneur
Partner:Raven Walton
Height:5 feet 9 in
Weight:172 lbs
Net Worth:$5,000,000

Early Life

Patty Mayo was born July 6, 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

He reside in California and there is no much information about his educational background.


Patty Mayo created his self titled YouTube channel in November 2013.

He became known for his vlogs on pranks and challenges. His content are quite educative, entertaining and informative.

On his YouTube channel, he shares bounting hunting videos where he makes viewers more curious by taking them through the process of investigation, arrests and other events.

He became known for one of his video “He Helped Me Repo His Girlfriend’s Car!”, which has over 39 million views on YouTube. Although many of his viewers were still doubting if the content was real or not.

However, there have been so many questions as regards if Patty Mayo is fake or real and that has been settled by a statement put out by Oregon State Sheriffs Association, where they made mention that Mayo is not a real bounty hunter.

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He is obviously a good actor. The outfits and vehicles used by his crew in his YouTube videos are costumes that are privately procured. The Oregon officials also mentioned that every person that appears in his videos are part of his production crew.

Patty Mayo is not a real sheriff even though he shoots videos in Deschutes County, Oregon, USA. He is also not a representative of any law enforcement agency in Deschutes.

Moreover, many still wondered why Patty Mayo’s fake bounty hunter videos are allowed since he is not allowed. This has also been cleared out by the Oregon’s chief office, as they said making YouTube videos using paid actors does not constitute a crime and does not violate any impersonation law.

Personal Life

Patty Mayo is in a relationship with Raven Walton. She is also involved in his video productions.

He was previously dating Kaylar Pillar before they parted ways in 2019. She was part of Mayo’s career success, having showed up in most of his videos. She often acts as the camera person, Scriptwriter and administrator.

Patty Mayo is also said to have a child, a daughter from his previous relationship.

Net Worth

Patty Mayo earns from posting videos on the internet. He makes money through YouTube advertising and as well as sale of merchandise. He has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Social Media

Patty Mayo is active on the social media platforms with over 300k followers on Instagram @realpatrickthomas and 3 million followers on twitter and One million followers on Facebook at Patty Mayo.


Below are some frequently asked questions about Patty Mayo:

Who is Patty Mayo?

Patty Mayo is an American YouTuber and entrepreneur known for his pranks and other vlogs.

How old is Patty Mayo?

Patty Mayo was born on July 6, 1987.

How tall is Patty Mayo?

Patty Mayo stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches.

Is Patty Mayo married?

Patty Mayo is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Raven Walton

What is Patty Mayo Net Worth?

Patty Mayo has an estimated net worth of $5,000,000.

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