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Mya Jesus is a popular Congolese-Angolan socialite, TikTok sensation and entrepreneur who came to prominence after her engagement to the Mozambican businessesman Jaime Julio. She is also well known for her videos and cute pictures online.

Mya Jesus
Mya Jesus: Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Facts, Photo
Quick Facts
Real Name:Mya Jesus
Date of Birth:2001
Place of Birth:Angola
Nationality:Congolese, Angolan
Partner:Jaime Julio
Net Worth:Not Estimated

Life & Career

Mya Jesus was born in 2001. She grew up in Angola and originally hails from Congo. She celebrated her 21st birthday in 2022.

She got engaged to Jaime Julio is a Mozambican businessman. They got engaged in on November 28, 2022, in a private ceremony. and went their separate ways in March 2023.

She parted ways with her 59 year-old fiance, Papito Jaime Julio who she only knew for a month before they got engaged.

Social Media

Mya Jesus is active on social media. He is on Instagram @mya_jesus

Net Worth

Mya Jesus earns her career as a media personality and entrepreneur. Her net worth has not been estimated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mya Jesus?

She is a Congolese-Angolan socialite.

How old is Mya Jesus?

She was born in 2001.

Where is Mya Jesus from?

She grew up in Angola and originally from Congo.

Is Mya Jesus married?

She was engaged to Jaime Julio before they parted ways.

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