Moses Inwang Biography – Movies

Moses Inwang Biography, Movies

Moses Inwang is an award winning Nigerian film director, editor, screenwriter and producer born in Lagos.

He is a young and talented director with his first movie credit in 1998 where he co-produced Two Good Men.

Moses was away for sometime for film school and returned in 2004 with his own production and movie “Save My Soul”. He has also produced lots of movies including “Lost Maiden”, a film that brought the issue of female circumcision to the fore of social discussion, “Save Our Souls”, on educative movie about cancer,”Damage”, a film which addressed the issue of domestic violence, Torn, The Last Digit, Stalker and many others.

Moses Inwang has won numerous awards such as:

  • Best Director at City People Award
  • Best International film at The People’s Film Festival New York
  • Best film at the African Oscars Award

Moses Inwang has also got 12 nominations for his movie Stalker, 6 nominations at the Best of Nollywooid Awards, 9 nominations at the GIAMA awards in Houston, Texas and so on.

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