Kolawole Ajeyemi Biography: Age, Profile, Wife, Net Worth & Pictures

Kolawole Ajeyemi Biography, Age, Profile, Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth & Pictures, on gbajumo osere tv

Ever since the award winning Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham‘s marriage to the fast rising talented actor, Kolawole Ajeyemi, came to public knowledge, many movie buffs have wondered who the actor is, what else does he do, has he been married before and so on.

Wonder no more as you are going to get all the answers to your questions by getting to know more about Toyin Abraham’s new found love.

Kolawole Oluwasegun Ajeyemi simply known as Kolawole Ajeyemi, is a highly talented Nigerian actor, director and movie producer.

He is fondly called ‘Awilo’ in most Yoruba movies while being known for his energetic and action packed roles in most of his movies.

Funny enough, Kolawole isn’t as rugged as opposed to his movies. He simply has a calm and focused personality.

Kolawole Ajeyemi pictures

Early Life & Background

Kolawole Ajeyemi was born on January 17th and originally a native of Ogbomosho part of Oyo state.

He also attended Ogbomosho Grammar School, Ogbomosho.


Kolawole Ajeyemi started acting professionally in 1997 while being under the mentorship of Segun Ogungbe, a popular director and son of late actor and film maker, Akin Ogungbe.

He has produced over 25 movies and has starred in more than 100 movies such as Ijongbon, Ibigiga, Sunday Dagboru, Eruku Nla, Pemisire, Orilowo, Tani Odaju, Kokoro and so on.

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Aside acting, he is also the founder of Aje Omo Aje School of Performing Arts which is located in Abeokuta, Ogun State and also the CEO of Kolawole Clothing’s.

Kolawole Ajeyemi Movies

  • Soto Alapata
  • Ijongbon
  • Jokinjo
  • Ota Mokanla
  • Ija Iyemanja
  • Ekun Meran
  • Alabe Oru]
  • Ojurawonlo
  • Omoaye Niwa
  • Ajinigbe
  • Asiseko
  • Were Meta
  • Tani Odaju
  • Akindaju Omo
  • Pemisire
  • Ekun Sumi
  • Ibigiga
  • Okala Pastor Iroko
  • Sunday Dagboru
  • Sunmibayo
  • Ife Ni
  • Iwosi

Personal Life & Marriage

Kolawole Ajeyemi got engaged to the star actress, Toyin Abraham on July 4, 2019.

They welcomed their first child together, baby boy on August 15, 2019.

Kolawole Ajeyemi and wife, Toyin Abraham

Kolawole on the other hand already has a daughter named Temitope Ajeyemi, though her mother is still unknown

He is also known to be Toyin Abraham’s second husband as she was previously married to Nollywod actor, Adeniyi Johnson between 2014 and 2016. Many had allegedly said he is the third husband though.


Kolawole has been nominated for numerous awards such as; City People Movie Award for Best New Actor of the Year (Yoruba) and City People Movie Award for Best Supporting Actor of the Year (Yoruba).

Net Worth

Kolawole Ajeyemi net worth is not estimated but he is believed to have numerous businesses aside acting. He recently acquired a new mansion on June 10, 2019.

Social Media Profile

You can reach him on Instagram @kolawoleajeyemi

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