Joshua Selman Biography – Age, Wife, Quotes & Pictures

Joshua Selman Biography - Age, Wife, Songs, Worship, Quotes & Pictures

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmack is a Nigerian Televangelist and gospel preacher born on June 25, 1980.

Joshua Selman is the founder and senior pastor of Eternity network International, a ministry he started in March 2011

He is a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria where he started preaching the gospel and ministering to students in campus.

He is known for his simple but powerful messages and method of teaching.

Joshua Selman is one of the most sought preachers in Nigeria and has travelled around Nigeria and beyond.

He has inspire many who have been given countless of testimonies about his messages.

Apostle Joshua Selmon photo

Although, Apostle Joshua Selman is not married and has no wife yet, he is focused on bringing the word of God nearer to people.

He is simply a man of God with difference, a true visionary, an exceptional leader and an icon of immeasurable value.

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Quotes from Joshua Selman

Joshua Selman is known for his life changing quotes, some them include:

  • In God’s economy, nothing is wasteful
  • When i began to pursue God i didn’t give Him conditions to serve Him
  • Your Place in life is not determined by You but by God
  • Don’t be too quick to assume you know God
  • Enlightment prepares your mind to cooperate with the anointing but its empowerment is the factor for result
  • The word of God does not work automatically, there must be reaction
  • God will not allow your trust in Him to be aborted, it’s too precious
  • You don’t create your purpose, you discover it
  • There is Grace in areas you have passion
  • Your potentials is a pointer to your purpose and assignment
  • Challenges are the valid ways to reveal God in your life

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    1. Greetings Apostle Joshua Selman
      You are a blessing to the body of Christ. I recently listened to your messages, in these few days, you have impacted my life. Indeed no one can meet with you and remain the same. Your love for God is so amazing.

      May the good LORD keep you, strengthen and continue to use you, for His glory and for the kingdom of God. We need a general like you, in this generation.
      God bless you

    2. The HolySpirit cannot lie!
      Man of God, please sir I wish to visit your ministry as soon as possible. I was given an instruction by the HolySpirit and while I was listening to your powerful messages via YouTube, I got a revelation and clarity about the instruction. More Grace I pray for you sir 🙏. God bless you sir.

    3. I’m grateful to this voice of God in our generation who opened himself up for God’s use and genuinely sought God.More grace of God upon his life

    4. I pray for more grace…..sir am always taping from you,you are my father and your words have shaped me,I want to be like you

  1. God bless u sir, more annointing sir.
    how I wish u can make to my music concert which will be holding on the 29th of November at owode ajegunle Irawo bustop ikorodu Lagos to bless the perishing souls.

    1. Man of God,
      I’m so excited to know about you & your ministry. One day while I was deeply listening to one of your messages, God spoke a very very distinct message to me. I’m very anxiously waiting for it’s manifestation & fulfillment. Please join me in prayers. It’s very serious. About DESTINY.

  2. Apostle of our time. I am indeed deeply bless by your message sir.I don’t know how to say it.But never the less. Apostle Joshua Selman,you have birthed yourself in me!.God bless you for me, and if not for me,for my generation. I am sure that,one day I shall see you and you shall bless me for my generation. Like you always say’we would be all great,and the best part is,we would know ourselves’.I LOVE YOU APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN. Thank God you for been born Apostle Joshua Selman.

    1. I am from Malaysia.I have met hundreds of Nigerian pastors but Sir you are the best. . Eloquence,flow, lucidity,springs of Living Waters…Gush forth whn you preach..from the waterfall of wisdom.How God downloaded on you,I pray He do the same for me so I can go out there and save souls. May the Lord extend your sphere of influence and continue to use you to impact the world.Increase,Multiply, Impart Heal and Deliver in Jesus name!We love you Apostle!!Rev Jacqueline

  3. From Kenya and i just discovered the Apostle the other day and i feel like i Don’t know God at all , i don’t know the word of God , I don’t know Prayer and every day i look forward to learning. Am discovering mysteries everyday and am humbled.

    God bless you.

  4. hmmm may God give you more instruction to fly above your now.. you are a blessing. help me in your prayers the Lord will raise us too, am ready for alignment sir!!

  5. Wow! All my life, I have always searched for balance in the interpretation of the scriptures. There are very few of you.
    When i listened to your message for the first time just yesterday, 1st October, 2019, there was a sympathetic resonance in me that confirms that you carry the grace I must connect with. I have downloaded over 70 of your messages on youtube and I will feed on those messages on daily basis until I see greater results in my life.
    Thank God I came in contact with your messages and by God’s special grace, I will meet with you physically and personally in my lifetime.
    May God continue to strengthen you in Jesus name, Amen.

  6. Am really blessed by your sermons. Ihave received more revelations that i never knew. God bless you. Am believing God for healing. Kindly pray for me.

  7. I considered myself bless and love by God by reason of being connected to be born in your time.
    God bless you Apostle Selman.

  8. My father my mentor i love u. U have given my life a meaning through your messages. more grace upon u, fresh anointing each day. Thank u thank u for changing lifes most especially youths.

    I bless the the Lord God of the heavens and earth and our Lord Jesus Christ through whom ye speak and the Holy Ghost the revealer, your anointing, your expository, revelations are solid and raw. I just did download your messages although they are short yet powerful(seed words are really small)the impact made me to start rethinking my Christian stand. I would love to be in your ministry to tap into the source you draw from. Has I want to be more restored in the way.
    The grace and fire and pot source you are drinking from shall be more enlarged for more more unfolding mysteries to be unveiled. The blessings of the Lord God continually be with thee and the entire ministry members and those coming to join.

  10. Sir the very day I heard of my mouth was open. And I’m a Ghanaian until I meet u in Nigeria there u will leave this earth

  11. You may be an Apostle but the true definition of a servant, you are a servant of God’s word, a servant in doing God’s will and purpose, a servant in the mistries of the word, a level that few Apostles are accolade with, when I hear your voice I hear another beyond the ordinary human voice I hear God speaking through you servant of God, an epitome a product of grace! May God greatly bless you sir

  12. From the day I started listing to your lovely messages,my life has never been the same. God will bless you sir. Indeed,we are all going to be great but the best part is when we truly know ourselves.
    God bless you sir, i love you and your ministry so much sir….I look forward to meet with you very soon.

  13. Good day sir, Pls with respect sir we will like to invite you to CAC headquarters Abuja, can I get your phone number or your PA. sir. 08066330693

  14. You have been a blessing to me sir. Thank you so much. Your messages are highly anointed. More Grace to soar high sir.

  15. Thank you very much sir. Your wisdom is out of this world. Directly from the throne room. Since i came across your messages by the mercies of God, my life has never remained the same. I’ve been blessed beyond measure. Such love you have for God, I’ve never seen. I pray God helps me too as i desire to love Him the right way its expected of me

  16. I discovered your messages Apostle Joshua Selman a few days ago. I am from Kenya but am watching your Youtube Videos from Jersey City in USA. They just appeared on my cell phone and I can’t stop playing. Great teachings here Sir. I thank God for you. May He continue to increase His anointing on you and your Ministry. You are helping many. I will share share share so that more people can be blessed too. Good job for the glory of God.

  17. Hi Apostle Selman Im from the USA.God allowed me to come across your teaching several weeks ago ..I m drawn in I listen to them all the time day ,& night so much revelation thank u dearly
    .may God continue to shift you to higher dimensions for his glory …would love to sit in your service , someday hope u can get to the USA blessings & honor to u all the days of your life..

  18. Wow, I may not know you in the physical but Apostle, honestly speaking you are Jesus Christ on earth again.
    My perception started changing when I had an encounter with ur messages.
    I love you Apostle..
    Pls impact part of ur wisdoms to me.

  19. Wow indeed you are God sent to this country Nigerian,i pray and hope to see you some day “i always listen to your message it give me peace and joy your sermon makes mine life change.

  20. Sir, i really honor you sir, and the grace of GOD upon your life.
    The very day i came in contact with you and you laid your hands upon
    me, my life took a new shape and a new dimension spiritually.
    Thank you sir for your touch.
    May the LORD increase the oil upon your life sir.

  21. With honor I celebrate you sir, yes indeed from your life touching sarmons my thoughts and approaches to life and the things of the kingdom of God has changed positively, father more grace.

  22. you’ve so much imparted my life sir.
    please help me in prayer for the salvation of my family.
    I am the only Christian in my family.

  23. Thank you so much Man of God for letting God use you at such a time as this. You are truely a blessing in your own class of ministering, teaching and mentorship.

    May our good Lord continue to keep you and reveal Himself to you more and more and in this life and life to come you will never be a failure. In Jesus Name, Amen.
    I covet the unimaginable grace of God most High that is upon you and even more as a minister of God’s word.

  24. Thank you so much Man of God for letting God use you at such a time as this. Truely you are a blessing in your own class of influence, ministry, teaching and mentorship. May our good Lord continue to reveal Himself to you more and more and you keep climbing the ladder of Divine Mystry and insight. I pray that in this life and life to come, you will never be a failure nor anything/body that is connected to your God in Jesus Name, Amen.

    I truely covet the unimaginable Grace and anointing of God Almighty that is upon you and even more as a minister of the gosple of truth.

    I am blessed each time i pay attention to God’s message through you.

  25. Sir I am testify and I have been hearing about you and the works God use you to do..
    I am lost in right now..
    I need God but I don’t know what to do..I feel God is very angry with me because even when I pray I feel he don’t answer.
    I feel he has forsaken me.
    I am just living without direction.
    everybody hates me.
    sir Please I need your help

  26. I am bless whenever I listen to your message, wheather the the first play or the second I always have blessing from it as if it is the first time. God should feed you more in Jesus name amen.

  27. I have few words to say. I am beyond where I used to to be both spiritual and physical. I reason beyond my limitations and people wonder. My brother told me about you and for once I have never get exhausted listening to the word of God.
    Sir, i fear God for the kind of grace he has given to you. I must see you one on one before I leave the earth.
    More of God’s grace and perfection upon you.

  28. Yes sir, am a product of your divine grace. And am passionately reaching out to people to come and benefit under your dispensation of grace. I passionately love you sir. God continue to powerfully immerse you in Himself and gracefully express Himself through you

  29. Daddy….

    I may not have met you in person but truly speaking, each time I listen to your messages it spur up the hidden inside of me and reactivate the passion for knowing God the more. Am a young guy called out to serve and work for God but truly speaking Sir, I’ve had many challenges in life on spiritual stability and consistency to the point I weep in my lone state. Pls Sir your messages are source of encouragement to me and I know soonest, I’ll shine even beyond the horizon. God bless you My Daddy. The Apostle Sir!!!!!!

  30. Good evening man of God, how can i overcome strugglin sin that refuses to go? _ by Omoko Michael. 08155253727

  31. God bless you sir, I’m in Ghana and I am bless with your massages.It is my prayer that God will use me like you.

  32. Since when I started listening from his powerful sermons am blessed and am no longer Dan bt Daniel lyk the way God changed the name of Abraham and Sarah .from Zambia

  33. good evening sir, like Elisha said I also come is saying what I want from God is a double portion of someone’s spirit. it may be you or another person. But I will do what heaven demands for me to e great. Pray me.

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