Jackline Mensah Biography: Age, Parents, Net Worth & Pictures

Ghanaian Tik Tok goddess, Jackline Mensah is a Ghanaian actress, and social media personality born on May 24, 2002. She serves unlimited doses of laughs on the tik tok platform. She’s a natural born mimic that infuses facial expressions with body movements.

Jackline Mensah
Quick Facts
Birth DateJanuary 24, 2002
OccupationActress, Social Media Persoanlity
Net WorthNot Estimated

Early Life & Background

Jackline was born on May 24, 2002 and grew up with her grandmother in Ghana. She can speak influently Twi, Ga, Fante and of course the English language.

She attended Senior High School in Ghana


Jackline has passion for acting and definitely watch lots of movies. She had developed herself to mimic lines in those movies she watched.

She has been able to pave way for her comedy career with the right use of the social media platforms.

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Mensah started posting videos online in March 2019 and has been able to quickly master her art of putting laughter on people faces.

She also secured an acting deal with Fiifi Coleman where she will feature alongside Clemente Suarez and other Ghanaian comedians.

She has become a household name and often go viral for her content thus the name Ghanaian Tik Tok queen.

Net Worth

Jackline Mensah net worth has not been estimated.

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