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Florence Achado is a Nigerian entrepreneur and communications expert who came to prominence as a certified public relations expert. She is also well known as the founder and CEO of Vee69, a communications agency that focuses on leveraging media and communication strategies to drive meaningful social transformations.

Florence Achado
Florence Achado Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Facts, Photo
Quick Facts
Real Name:Florence Achado
Date of Birth:November 27
Place of Birth:Benue
Parents:Asema Achado, Yvonne Achado
Net Worth:N/A

Achado has been honored with numerous awards, including the Future is Female Award in South Africa. She is also being frequently invited to speak at various conferences and events.

Early Life And Education

Florence Achado was born on November 27 in Benue State, one of the North central state in Nigeria. She is the daughter of renowned politician Asema Achado, a member of Nigeria’s House of Representatives.

Her mother, Yvonne Achado, was raised in a household emphasizing hard work and community service.

She attended Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur (IUKL) in Malaysia where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in advertising. She also holds a master’s in marketing and advertising from Coventry University in the UK.


Florence embarked on her professional journey by delving into public relations. With a steadfast determination to succeed, she honed her skills and expertise at esteemed agencies such as Insight Public Relations and Instinctif Partners.

She was exposed to a variety of businesses, including telecommunications, financial services, and consumer products, thanks to this priceless experience. Through her employment in these industries, Florence gained a thorough awareness of the complexities of developing public relations strategies for diverse firms.

After establishing Vee69 in 2015, Florence has undertaken numerous projects focusing on community engagement and awareness. One significant endeavor involved collaborating with the Lagos State government to initiate a campaign called “She is Lagos,” which aimed to advocate for gender equality. The campaign emphasized and celebrated women’s contributions to the city through strategically placed billboards and public messaging.

Florence holds the esteemed position of Chairman at the Yvonne Achado Foundation (YAF), a non-profit organization that diligently works to eradicate gender-based violence.

The foundation stands firmly by its commitment to assisting and supporting violence survivors while simultaneously striving to raise awareness about this pressing issue. Furthermore, YAF actively advocates for policy changes that address and combat gender-based violence effectively.

Personal Life

Florence Achado is an individual who values her privacy and prefers not to divulge much information about her personal life.

Although she appears to have been married, no specific details regarding her spouse have been made available to the media. Furthermore, she has not discussed anything about her potential children with the media.

Social Media

Florence Achado is on LinkedIn: @Florence Achado and Twitter: @Florence Achado

Net Worth

Florence Achado earns her career as a successful entrepreneur and communications expert. Her net worth remain under review for now as there is no official confirmation as regards the details of her income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Florence Achado?

She is a Nigerian entrepreneur and communications expert.

How old is Florence Achado?

She was born on November 27. She has not disclosed her age.

Where is Florence Achado from?

She is from Benue State.

Who are Florence Achado parents?

Her parents are Asema Achado and Yvonne Achado.

What is Florence Achado known for?

She is the founder of Vee69, a communications agency.

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