Eniola Ajao Biography: Age & Other Things You Don’t Know About Her

Eniola Ajao bio, age, and facts

Eniola Ajao is a Nigerian actress, movie producer and entrepreneur born on January 21.

At the mention of beauty with brain, Eniola Ajao is definitely one of the actress whose name would pop up.

She’s a versxatile actress with lots of talent as she delivers her script excellently.

Here are the 8 other interesting facts about her.

1. She is from Epe in Lagos state.

2. She studied accounting at the university of lagos.

3. She and her twin sister are the last born of the family.

4. She joined the movie industry in 2004.

Eniola Ajao & Her Twin sister – Pictures

Eniola Ajao with twin sister

5. She has starred in over 75 nollywood movies.

6. She got her first movie role in the film “Igba Aimo” which was written and produced by Adesanya Adekola.

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7. She has produced a lot of movies such as Eniola, Erin Orin and Daramola.

8. She is not married and also not dating anyone in the industry. She only has a work relationship with her boss Odunlade Adekola.

Social Media Profile

Instagram: @eniola_ajao

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  1. Actor Pop up eniola ajao happly feeling to your boss dat people think u are dating your boss.happly birth day to you long life an prosperity. our actresses eniola ajao more blessing.

  2. I dont kw y i love eniola”s movie, d first movie she was in dat captured my mind ws alani pamolekun, d way she acted it, her beauty nd d way she talks. I really 2 meet u.

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