Blackjack Brilliance: 5 Celebrities Who Are Known to Play Blackjack

Blackjack Brilliance: 5 Celebrities Who Are Known to Play Blackjack

As a classic casino game, blackjack has been consistent with its popularity since its origin. The game’s beginning has been hotly disputed, as some believe it originated in French casinos in the 1700s whilst others think it was played earlier by the Romans under the name of ‘Twenty-One’.

The game has still remained consistently popular with patrons both online and in real-life casinos for a number of reasons. Blackjack has good odds because of a low house edge, meaning statistically players can be more likely to win than in other games. Blackjack also has exciting gameplay as the rounds are quick. And there is, of course, the silver screen that has popularized the game. As a mathematical game, in Hollywood these scenes often involve smart men who are good at counting like in 21 (2008) and Rainman (1988) winning big in blackjack.

For patrons, this is exciting to see on-screen, as characters are playing blackjack for real money often to pay debts or settle scores. Evidently, in real life, they aren’t doing this, but it still makes it exciting for fans of the game to watch.

Of course, playing for big bucks can be the case for the rich and famous, and it is, for some. Many celebrities like to delve into gambling here and there, some of them even having been recognized as being pretty good at it! Here we will give you the rundown on five celebrities who play blackjack, and are supposedly pretty good at it!

1.   Paris Hilton

The hotel heiress is known for her money and party habits, but did you know she was known to play blackjack? The businesswoman has been known to play blackjack for years. She was spotted at the young age of 19 playing games with Leonardo DiCaprio who was the Hollywood it boy of the time. In 2014, she even posted a photo on Instagram of her $50,000 blackjack win at a hotel casino.

2.   Michael Jordan

Basketball legend Michael Jordan has it down on the pitch, and also off the pitch too when it comes to blackjack. Jordan has been papped multiple times playing in high-end casinos. His love for play has been corroborated by many people, including author Roland Lazenby who wrote the book: Michael Jordan: The Life stating that Jordan used $500,000 while playing blackjack at one casino, a day before a crucial basketball appearance. He won back his money, though!

Jordan himself has been open about his gambling tendencies and was quoted in an interview saying: “Do I like playing blackjack? Yeah.”

3.   50 cent

The rapper has been busy recently performing all over the world, but he’s apparently never too busy to play blackjack! The In Da Club singer has been present in both the betting and gambling world but has an attachment to blackjack. One story alleged that it’s a common occurrence for him to drop $70,000 at the table without a second thought! He’s even said himself that blackjack is the game because the stakes are much higher, as blackjack is a win or a lose-game.

Like many other celebs, he has also been spotted frequenting luxury and high-end casinos many times.

4.   Tiger Woods

The former golfing legend is known for more than his affair – he’s known to enjoy a game of blackjack or two. He wasn’t renowned for following the gaming etiquette that most players abide by, but he was supposedly known to be a high-roller at the blackjack table. One of his mistresses, Jamie Jungers claimed he’d play hands of $25,000 or more. He is also been known to be spotted at certain casinos in Las Vegas. Phil Hellmuth, the professional poker player even spoke about playing alongside Woods in high-stakes blackjack and later, Woods gave him actual advice for the game. Talk about a surprising confession!

5.   Shannon Elizabeth

Scary Movie actress Shannon Elizabeth rose to fame in the 2000s for her role mainly as Buffy Gilmore. However, since her acting career took over, she’s been known to play professionally as a poker player. Aside from her career and winnings in the poker scene, Elizabeth is known to have a fondness for blackjack. She even featured on Celebrity Blackjack (2004), a show in which celebrities play against each other in blackjack tournaments for charity. Elizabeth’s charity was Animal Avengers, a charity she founded  Although Shannon did win at the table, she played with 5 other celebs and they began with  $100,000. Minimum bets started at $1,000 for ten hands, and for hands 11-20, bets had to be raised to $5,000 minimum. At one tournament she attended in Pennsylvania, she joked to reporters she was there for blackjack and not poker, despite being known to make big wins in her professional poker career. Regardless of how you know her, there’s no doubt that in the casino world, Elizabeth is a legend.

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