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Balanda Atis is an African American cosmetics expert who came to prominence as the woman that discovered the secret to the foundation that looks good on anyone.

She became the manager of L’Oreal’s Women of Color Lab. She is also chemist in research and innovation at cosmetics company, L’Oreal USA.

Balanda Atis
Balanda Atis: Wiki, Bio, Age, Facts, Photo
Quick Facts
Date of Birth:N/A
Place of Birth:New Jersey, U.S
Occupation:Cosmetics Expert
Net Worth:Not Estimated

Early Life

Balanda Atis grew up in New Jersey, United States.

She is of Haitian ancestry and had always had a passion for science.

After her high school education, she obtained a degree in Biology. She also completed her graduate degree in cosmetic science.


Balanda Atis began her journey in cosmetics several years ago. She first worked on developing personal hair care products, she went on to formulate sun care products, and then professional hair dyes and baby products.

She arrived at L’Oreal as a chemist in the mascara lab and completed her graduate degree in cosmetic science.

While working at the lab, she was able to learn about the number of skin tones that exist in the world.

She helps find the perfect foundation fit as she’s focused on creating the best foundation shades for women of color. She wants to create makeup that work for women.

She helped to develop the perfect foundation shade in the Lancome Teint Idole collection for actress Lupita Nyong’o
She and her team have developed expanded shade ranges for L”Oreal Paris, Lancome, and Maybeline New York.

Atis has worked at L’Oreal for 17 years and in 2006, she embarked on a new project: reformulating foundation for women of color. Over the next seven years, in the quest to develop shades and textures suitable for darker complexions, she and her team member took skin-tone measurements from more than 1,000 women representing 57 countries. The team helped L’Oreal launch more than 30 new shades.

Here is an excerpt of interview with Essence:

How did you start working in L’Oreal?

I was always fascinated by science, but I didn’t consider a career in the beauty industry until college, when I gained a better understanding of the connection between science and beauty. After graduation, I wanted to create cosmetics, and combine my passion for science with my passion for makeup. By joining the number one beauty company in the world, I knew it was a major opportunity to work in a variety of positions and roles across beauty, in skincare, hair care, and cosmetics. As a chemist at L’Oréal, I have the chance to work on projects that help make people all around the world feel more confident. Growing up, my family and my friends were struggling to find makeup that looked good on their skin; the colors were often too red, too black or too ashy. I personally struggled with the same issue. Trying to find foundation products were always a big concern. I had three options: to buy an assortment of products, mix them together and hope it worked, wear the completely wrong shade or not wear makeup at all. I wanted to take on this challenge.

What is the most challenging thing when it comes to creating foundation shades for women of color?

The traditionally available colorants used to deepen the intensity of a foundation’s formula yields a limited color range and can alter product performance, often resulting in one-dimensional colors that are flat and lack luminosity or appear oily on the skin. As a result, foundation lines tend to offer a narrower spectrum of colors that don’t address a large segment of the population.

How are you able to figure out which foundation shades to create?

We traveled across the country to measure women’s skin tones and collected data, which represented skin tones from 57 countries of origin. Back in the lab, we were able to identify, and stabilize, a rarely used colorant – Ultramarine Blue, a pigment which has the ability to create deep, pure and true to skin tone shades.

What do you Love most about your job?

I love my job because I have the opportunity to share science with younger generations, specifically young women. I visit elementary, middle and high schools to discuss the importance of science and possible careers in science that may seem unexpected. Young men and women are surprised that you can be a scientist for a beauty company – they don’t realize you can be a color chemist, a supply chain expert, work in a Technology Incubator – and that you can create and reinvent the future of beauty quite literally. We conduct experiments with the students to also show them how engaging and creative science is. You learn something new every single day. More girls need to be taught that science is where you can break new ground, invent something new and enjoy an incredible career path – much earlier in life, at a young age. 

I also love that the Women of Color Lab is helping to change attitudes about makeup. We’re constantly innovating and evaluating our product lines to expand our offerings and bring more diversity to products. I love that my job helps people around the world feel more confident and beautiful every day.

Personal Life

Atis is happily married with two children, two daughters.

Net Worth

Balanda Atis earns from her profession as a makeup expert. Her net worth has not been estimated.

Social Media

Balanda Atis is on Instagram @balandaatis.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some frequently asked questions Balanda Atis:

Who is Balanda Atis?

Balanda Atis is known for discovering the secret to the foundation that looks good on anyone.

How old is Balanda Atis?

Balanda Atis has not disclosed her age.

Where is Balanda Atis from?

Balanda Atis is of Haitian descent.

What are Balanda Atis’s contributions?

Balanda Atis has helped to create the best foundation shades for women of color.

Is Balanda Atis married?

Balanda Atis is married but did not reveal details about her personal life.

Does Balanda Atis have kids?

Balanda Atis have two daughters.

What is Balanda Atis Net Worth?

Balanda Atis net worth has not been estimated.

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