Ashmusy Biography: Age, Husband, Comedy, Net Worth

Ashmusy whose real name is Amarachi Amusi is an award winning Nigerian influencer, actress, content creator, Anatomist, and entrepreneur. She came to prominence for starring and producing several comedy skits.

She has worked with numerous top brands and also became an ambassador for Jennysglownigeria. She also has a hair brand.

Ashmusy: Bio, Facts, Photo
Quick Facts
Real Name:Amarachi Amusi
Date of Birth:July 25, 1995
Birth Place:Lagos State, Nigeria
State Of Origin:Enugu State
Occupation:Content Creator, Entrepreneur
Net Worth:$250,000

Early Life

Ashmusy was born on July 25, 1995 in Lagos State where she also grew up. She originally hails from Enugu State, South eastern part of Nigeria. She is of Igbo tribe and also from a Christian family.

Amarachi attended Good Learning School, Gbagada, Lagos State for jer orimary education and Federal Government College, Enugu State for her secondary education.

She also went to Madonna University and graduated from Anatomy department.


Ashmusy started her career as a content creator where she began churning out online comedy skits

She has worked with numerous top brands as a brand influencer of which one of them is Jennyglownigeria.

She has worked with top comedians and online content creators such as; Brainjotter, Sydney Talker, Zicsaloma, Twinz Love and many others.

Ashmusy is also an entrepreneur and a successful one at such, having owned “Ashmusy Empire” and “Ashmusy hairs”.

Net Worth

Ashmusy has different source of income. She earns from her career as a content creator. She often make money from being a brand influencer while also getting paid from her other businesses. She has an estimated net worth of $250, 000.

Social Media

Ashmusy is active on the social media platforms. He has over 900k followers on Instagram @ashmusy

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Ashmusy:

Who is Ashmusy?

Ashmusy is a Nigerian content creator known for her skits.

What is Ashmusy real name?

Ashmusy real name is Amarachi Amusi.

How old is Ashmusy?

Ashmusy was born on , on July 25, 1995.

Where is Ashmusy from?

Ashmusy is from Enugu State.

What is Ashmusy Net Worth?

Ashmusy has an estimated net worth of $250,000.

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