Aisha Najamu Biography: Wiki, Age, Family, Husband, Photos, Net Worth

Aisha Najamu is a Nigerian actress who mainly acts in the Kannywood industry. She came to limelight for her role in the series “Izzar So”. Aisha Izzar so as fondly called is one of the leasing actress and the most sought after in the Kannywood movie industry.

Aisha Najamu
Aisha Najamu Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Facts, Photo
Quick Facts
Real Name:Aisha Najamu
Date of Birth:April 8, 1996
Place of Birth:Kano State, Nigeria
Net Worth:Under Review

Early Life

Aisha Najamu was born on April 8, 1996 in Kano State, Northern part of Nigeria. She had both her primary and secondary education in Kano State. She also studied Business Adminsitration at the University.


Aisha Najamu who had passion for acting at a tender age, joined the Hausa film industry known as Kannywood in 2019.

She started with making musical appearances before she eventually came to the limelight in 2020 with a role in the blockbuster series “Izzar So”, starring alongside Lawan Ahmed.

The series “Izzar so” has a story line which is centered around Aisha Najamu as the lead actress. It also featured theblikes of Minal Ahmad, Khadija Yobr, and Hassana Muhammed.

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Personal Life

Aisha Najamu was married for 5 years before she divorced. The marriage produced two children.

Social Media

Aisha Najamu is active social media. She is on Instagram @aishanajamu

Net Worth

Aisha Najamu earns her career as an actress. Her net worth remain under review for now as there is no official confirmation as regards the details of her income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Aisha Najamu?

Aisha Najamu is a Nigerian actress who acts in the Kannywood industry.

How old is Aisha Najamu?

She was born on April 8, 1996.

Where is Aisha Najamu from?

She is from Kano State.

What is Aisha Najamu known for?

She rose to fame for her role in the series “Izzar So”.

Is Aisha Najamu married?

She was married for 5 years before she divorced.

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