Judy Warren Biography: Real Name, Age, Husband, Family, Children, Net Worth

Judy Warren is a popular American television personality and media influencer who came to prominence after the discharge of the movie “Annabelle Comes Home”, a movie which is based on the research of Ed, Loraine, and a mysterious doll.

Judy is also well known as the daughter of Ed Warren, a demonologist, and Loraine Warren, a clairvoyant.

Judy Warren
Judy Warren: Bio, Facts, Photo
Quick Facts
Other Name:Judy Spera
Date of Birth:January 11, 1946
Place of Birth:United States
Occupation:Television Personality
Parents:Edward Warren, Lorraine Warren
Height:5 feet 7 in
Weight:61 kg
Net Worth:$3 million

Early Life

Judy Warren was born on January 11, 1946, in the United States and grew up with her grandmother in Connecticut, United States.

She is the only child of her parents, Edward Warren Miney known as Ed Warren, and Loraine Rita Warren well known as Lorraine Warren. Her father, Ed Warren, was a ghost hunter and demonologist, while her mother, Lorraine Warren, was a clairvoyant.

She attended a Catholic school for her elementary education and proceeded to Harding High School for her high school education. She also holds the Christianity religion.


Judy Warren who changed her name to Judy Spera after her wedding did not live with her parents during her childhood as her parents go to several places for their research.

She made mention that she didn’t even get to know her parent’s profession until her teenage years. She even asked her dad his profession when she was in grade the sixth, and the father only replied that he is a painter.

Her parents became known for their research as they researched many demons and paranormal things. Judy herself came into the limelight after the discharge of the movie “Annabelle Comes Home”  which is a movie based on the research of Ed, Lorraine, and a mysterious doll. Many people became so curious to understand Judy after finding out that the movie “Annabella Comes Home” is a real story. It was primarily based on Judy’s revel in with that horror doll. Based on the film, Jud’s parents brought a doll named “Annabelle” from the nurses because the doll usually performs violent activities. Ed and Lorraine kept the doll in a sacred case so that the doll can be controlled. The film later shows that the doll came out of the sacred box and Judy put it back in the absence of her parents.

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Also, based on her parent’s research, many pictures were filmed which include; The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, Annabelle, Annabelle Comes Home, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, and so on.

Personal Life

Judy Warren is married to Tony Spera and their union is blessed with lovely children. Although Judy does not reveal details about her family, she does post pictures of herself and her husband on her social media pages.

Her husband, Tony Spera also took in the footsteps of his parents-in-law and became a demonologist. He also loves to do research. As against many people’s thoughts, Judy herself is not a ghost hunter and she often keeps away from spirits because she had a bad experience with them.

Net Worth

Judy Warren’s source of income has not been disclosed. However, she is said to be the only heir to her parent’s wealth and has been reported to have a net worth of approximately $3 million.

Social Media

Judy Warren is not active on social media platforms. She is on Instagram at @judyannwarren.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Judy Warren:

Who is Judy Warren?

Judy Warren is an American television personality and media influencer

How old is Judy Warren?

Judy Warren was born on January 11, 1946. She became 75 years old as of 2021.

What is Judy Warren Height?

Jada Sezer has a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Who is Judy Warren’s husband?

Judy Warren’s husband’s name is Tony Spera.

What is Judy Warren’s Net Worth?

Judy Warren has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

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