Olga Reacts As Nigerians Blast Her For Not Being Supportive Of Mikel Obi’s Career

Mikel Obi and his partner Olga photo

Former Super Eagles captain, Mikel Obi’s partner, Olga Diyachenko has blast Nigerian fans who thinks she’s not being supportive of her partner’s career.

It all started after Mikel Obi joined the Turkish club side, Trabzonspor of which Olga had threatened to quit the relationship if he remained at the club.

This was due to the fact that Olga had wanted Mikel to be close to the family as they don’t intend to move with him to Turkey.

However, Nigerians had slammed her for her decision.

An Instagram user @esigab202 wrote, “But this is crazy, you aren’t happy that your husband moved to Turkey, what if he really listens to you, will you be able to pay his wages? I don’t think you really love Mikel, you are just pretending because of your kids.”
Another user @b_4bimz wrote, “You don’t want your boyfriend to move to where he is making money? Will u pay him the salary or are you even working to support him? Please don’t disturb our son.”

Also, with the several messages she gets, Olga had blast Nigerian followers for wanting to see her family separated.

“What is most shocking is how many of you are so happy, I would even say ecstatic to read the “news.” I mean you guys counted how much money I’d get, he would get and how would child support work out.
“You warned him not to marry a white woman. These say a lot about majority of mine and Mikel’s followers, hate liking is your full-time job.
“Looks like most of you are only happy when you hear that someone else isn’t doing well. Well done! You guys are real winners in life.
“I’m not even going to comment because as it is too belittling, but thanks for expressing how most of you truly feel about our family.”

Mikel Obi and his partner, Olga Diyachenko are already blessed with a set of twin daughters.

Updated: September 1, 2019 — 5:34 pm

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