Must Read For Guys: See Why You Must Make Sure Your Pen!s is Clean Before You Demand For A Blow Job

I came across this online and I decided to share this critical opinion destroying relationships.

A close male pal was bitterly complaining about his girlfriend. He alleged he do suck her but whenever it’s her turn to do so, she usually refused. He feels cheated and want to have another babe.
I asked to speak with the baben I took up the title of relationship coach, so she will listen to me.
This dude contacted me that his babe is being selfish during sex.
I called her and asked that we do chat, which she obliged.

Nne, why don’t you suck your man considering that he do suck you.
Ma, how can I suck a man that’s not clean. When I put my face up there I feel like throwing up.

I love him but I don’t know how to make him understand he really needs to clean up good. He has brownish hairs around his balls and the smell even gets worse when he sweats.
I’ve even tried to help him shave but he won’t let me and says he’s a man he know how to shave himself.
If I’m smelling, will he enjoy sucking me?

Me: I asked the guy about his hygiene, told him to get a mirror and check what his pubic region looks like. I didn’t make him know it’s what the babe told me, just told him it’s an issue I’ve handled before.
Anyways, he wrote today to say they are getting goo.

Sister/brother, before you complain about your partner not going down on their face there, check the hygiene state of that area.

What do you think?

Updated: June 1, 2018 — 5:42 am

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