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GT Da Guitarman Laments As To Why People Think He Is Dead Because He Is Not On Tv

Gt da Guitarman laments

GT Da Guitarman whose real names are Gbemiro Tokunbo has chosen to address the reason for his long trem break from the music industry.

He wrote a really lengthy post explaining all that has been happening. Read below:

     Hi guys. Would like to believe some people still use twitter and I’m the one who went MIA – I haven’t been here in years..lol

    As a lot of y’all must have guessed, yes, I stopped pushing music!! Though, there was almost no week I wasn’t performing.

    I had/have so many other deeply rooted passions aside music. And at a point it must have been confusing choosing.

    While I kept hustling doing other businesses, music effortlessly will sort bills despite me shunning it

    I’m a forex trader, poultry farmer, managed a quarry once, was operations manager for an haulage company, managed billboards.

    Sold cars, lands, apartments, marketed HetoGrow Solar Power banks, Sales Campaign list goes on. Yet music was effortless.

    I must also say this year has been pretty smooth. Having a wife and kid has been a blessing. A lot has changed!

    Even the direction of music we have decided to push out now has.

    Early this year, my now manager (‪@hypertekbaby) paid me a visit, he convinced me on pushing music again

    I showed him all I was doing, and he asked me, ‘Do you fill fulfilled?’ A big sigh!

    Then he started listing all the boys I supported back then and how much they are making now. My eyeballs almost popped out.

    I told him, if I’m ever gonna give this a thought then I’m coming for the MONEY!

    One of the marketing books I was reading then says, ‘dont try to sell what you can make, make what you can sell.’

    So heads up, this might be the very last album I will drop. It’s called ANIMAL INSTINCT; won’t drop till late 2017 or early 2018 though.

    So here’s calling on all movers and shakers of the industry, make I chop small biko ‪#WireTheMoney drops next week.

    Why ‘Animal Instinct’ you may ask? Lion no wan chop antelope but if e no chop am e go die lol. When your animal instincts sets in, it’s survival.

    Shout-out to all the boys I supported when they were nothing but never looked back. I’m happy for y’all..You are my new inspiration.

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