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5 Surprising Facts About Orgasm You Probably Don’t Know

surprising facts about orgasm

An orgasm can easily defines how your day goes, make your mood better. The intense sweet sensation that an orgasm gives makes it really worth the scientific research put into it.

There are still some certain things which are still weird about orgasm, here are the facts about orgasm which you need to know.

1. For every 3 orgasms a guy has, a woman has one.
According to a large scale study of American adults, it was discovered that one in three women have trouble achieving orgasm with their partner and 80 percent cannot climax with vaginal intercourse alone. According to the study, most women have no problem having orgasm during masturbation with sex toys like vibrators.

2. Men can ejaculate without orgasm and orgasm without ejaculating.
You probably found this out one way pr the other that orgasm and ejaculation are two different things as ejaculation has to o with release of semen in the body while orgasm deals with the brain, the feeling of sweet sensation. One can definitely occur without the other.

3. Some women orgasm during child birth.
This is kind of weird but it is true. According to a survey in the jourrnal of sexologies in the U.S, midwives have reported that they have witnessed orgasm in 0.3 percent of birth. According to anatomy, it is not strange at all because the intense stimulation that happens during child birth can work to deflect the pain.

4. Pregnancy can still occur if he didn’t cum or orgasm
Most people are not aware pf this that pregancy can still occur even if the guy do not cum or ejaculate. Most men produces what they called pre-cum which is also known as pre-ejaculate fluid. This fluid usually comes before the main ejaculation and it is capable of getting a woman pregnant as it contains sperm.

5. Women can urinate and orgasm at a time while it’s impossible for men.
For a guy, it is highly doubtful that it will happen, The reason being that the opening to the bladder closes as the orgasm is about to begin, this prevent the urine from mixing up with the sperm.
For a woman, the clitoris and vagina are very close to the bladder and can get prodded during sex with the aid of anything such as pennis, finge or vibrator. By putting pressur on the bladder, a small amount of urine can come out.

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