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“I Started Growing Breasts At The Age Of 7” – Busty Nigerian Lady Shars Throwback Photos

"I Satrted Growing Breasts At The Age Of 7" - Busty Nigerian Lady Shars Throwback Photos

 A Nigerian facebook user, Gloria E Okhani has revealed how she felt when she started growing breast at the age of seven.

Gloria said she felt so insecure, cry everyday and hated her body when she saw that she had started to grow bossoms at age seven.

So fast forward to when she at age ten, she said she already has a bossoms of an 18 year old girl.

She shared the throwback picture with he caption:

“Yes i was 10yrs her.. the girl on purple..it wasn’t my fault.. my hormones were growing super fast..I used 2 think it was a curse..i hated my body..i swear 2 God; i use 2 cry my eyes out..becuz people judged me by my appearance.. nija mentality.. tho i don’t blame them.. started growing tits at 7… wen my friends were running around with just pant.. i would be locked in so i don’t bring anyone down no matter what.. u don’t know how long it took them that boldness and self esteem..u don’t know what they pass thru behind close door.. so my dear i would rock my body and be happy.. nobody should tell you shit… be u and be happy.. big small tiny… it deosn’t  matter.. na how you carry yourself.

 See more pictures below:

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