Papa Ajasco: I Am Happy I Was Able To Change Lives With Comedy

Papa Ajasco: I Am Happy I Was Able To Change Lives With Comedy
Papa Ajasco whose real name is Abiodun Ayoyinka, is a major player in the comedy zone. Here he was able to talk about his character and lifestyle in new interview with Tosin Clegg.

On getting to know who Papa Ajasco really is, the actor said he works with Lagos state Council for Arts and Culture. He said apart from the facts that he sings, dance and drum, he is also into other joint productions and collaborate with a lot people in the Yoruba movie industry. As for his education, he studied theatre arts after his secondary school and later joined the Lagos State Council for Arts and Culture in 1985.

On How He Got The Role Papa Ajasco

He said he was acting in a comedy TV series then and playing the role of a policeman and that was how the producer, Wale Adenuga saw him and asked him if he could play the role of Papa Ajasco of which he said yes.

The  actor also made it known that he has been playing the role of Papa Ajasco since 20 years of which so much has changed about him. He said he is quite comfortable, having his own house and car and so he doesn't have any regrets whatsover playing the role.

On the challenges he has faced so far

Papa Ajasco has made us to understand that he has been involved in other things outside Lagos but couldn't meet up as he is presently working with the Lagos State Council for Arts and Culture, a job he got before Papa Ajasco.

On the cast and crew of Papa Ajasco, he said:

It has not been that easy to put up the same person to play their roles for years, for example the boy Alinco travelled to U.S and we got the second one. The little Ajasco was changing frequently and so we had to change him because he was suppose to be a short boy according to the story line, and also we have someone new playing the role of Miss Pepeye.

Papa Ajasco aslo replied on how he cope with Fame.

He said he used to the fame and always tries to be cheerful with people outside and of course he realized that Watching Papa Ajasco brings families together as the comedy is not only for laughter but also for education as well.

"We have had a lot of experiences like a woman with wheel chair gradually stood up while watching th programme and so on. I am happy we have touched a lot families in Nigeria," said Papa Ajasco.

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