Mercy Aigbe May Not Be Done With Her Marriage Yet - See Reasons!

Mercy Aigbe May Not Be Done With Her Marriage Yet - See Reasons!
It came as a shock to fans of Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe after her seven years marriage to her husband, Lanre Gentry came to an end.

The marriage which ended on the basis of infidelity and domestic violence became a public affair as dirty linens were aired in the public.

The whole marriage mess saw Mery Aigbe packed out of her matrimonial home to start her life all over again as a single mother of two children.

As time goes on, the beautiful actress dropped her husband's name "Gentry" and returned back to her own maiden name.

First it was packing out of the house, then dropping the name and hereafter dropped the rings which indicates her seven years marriage is indeed finally over.

Surprisingly, Mercy Aigbe has been spotted in an event recently rocking the two rings like a proper married woman.

In this aspect, we do think two things might be involved, it is either she is using the rings to scare away other men which i think is not necessary as the whole knows about her separation with her husband Or she's having a rethink to return back to the marriage.

One thing we know for sure is that if at all she's back with her rings, she will definitely put back the name and the home might just follow.

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