"Flavour Was The Only Man I Fell In Love With" - Anner Banner Reveals

"Flavour Was The Only Man I Fell In Love With" -  Anner Banner Reveals
Former beauty queen and Flavour's baby mama, Anner Banner has revealed  that Flavour is the first man she fell in love.

Anner Banner had said in a chat with Saturday Beats that she's still in love with Flavour even if he is yet to marry her after having a child for him.

She made it known that she couldn't have got pregnant for him intentionally because he was a star, at least she too is already star and not someone who is looking for fame.

Anner Banner said she is only happy that she got pregnant for someone who she loves even if it was a mistake but she wouldn't call the child a mistake, she would just say it was carelessness.

Recall that she got pregnant after she featured in flavour's Golibe video, Anner said her relationship with the singer had nothing to do with the video.She made it clear that they didn't started dating because of the video and it wasn't because f the video she had a child for him either.

When asked about the other baby mama, Sandra Okagbue, in Flavour's life, Anner Banner said she's never been jealous of the other lady as the only thing on her mind is for her child to be happy.

Anner Banner also explains how demoralised she was when she found out that she was pregnant, she said:

“I was demoralised. I was finished! I was frustrated! My parents were disgusted at my sight. It was my cross, so I had to carry it. I decided I was going to keep the baby even if I wasn’t married. It turned out to be the best decision I have made. I am not saying it is good to get pregnant at a young age and have a baby but whatever choices you make, you need to know there are consequences."

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