Dagrin's Younger Brother, Trod, To Follow In His Foot Steps As He Talks In New Interview

Dagrin's Younger Brother, Trod, To Follow In His Foot Steps As He Talks In New Interview
Even when the legendary indigenous rapper, Dagrin is gone, the pain of his death and memory still remains with everyone in the Nigerian music industry as many still wonder what the singer would have achieved if he is still alive.

However Dagrin's younger brother, Olatunbosun, aka Trod, has now appeared on the scene as he is ready to continue what his elder brother could not finish. It is not just so hard to see the blood connection between Trod and and his late brother as he sounds so much like Dagrin and their flows are similar.

While speaking with Sunday Scoop on his new song "Wild Mind" which has been gaining a lot of attentio, Trod said:

“The song was actually recorded two years ago, but I just decided to shoot the video now. Since the death of my brother, everything has been on a low key, so this song is meant to announce my presence and let the whole world know that the spirit of Dagrin is still alive. I am here to continue what he couldn’t finish and I’m not joking about it. My eyes are set on the throne and I wouldn’t rest till I wear the crown. It took me so long to shoot the video because I’m a student of Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijebu Ode, and I have to concentrate on my studies, so I don’t have the luxury of time.”
Also on the reaction of his parents concerning his career in music considering what had happened to his late brother, he said:
“My parents cannot decide for me. I have so much interest in music and I decided to go for it because I know it would profit me. Besides, everybody in my family loves music, so it’s all good.”
Trod also shared what he had learned from Dagrin from his lyrics to his unique style of music, he said:

“I was quite young when Dagrin passed away. I was in boarding school, so we only used to talk on the phone. Fans should expect good lyrics and great vibes from me, just like Dagrin gave them. This is a new generation and the ways of making music have changed from what it was during the old generation of Dagrin; but I will be borrowing some of Dagrin’s style so as to attract his fans, and also put in my own flavour because I have fans too. One of the things I learnt from Dagrin was that he was independent and determined; he went for whatever he wanted without backing down. He also thought a lot and made a lot of sense. Till date, I don’t know any rapper that is better than him.

It was really devastating when I heard about his death; I was shocked and pained because I knew he had a lot to offer. But since nothing could be done to change the circumstance, we just had to move on.”
However, Trod while responding to critics on trying to ride on his brother's legacy, he said:

“I have truly heard that a lot but I don’t care. If I listen to what is being said, that would weigh me down. I just have to do my thing, and I believe that the people who would love me would do so regardless. It is not possible for everybody to like you; I would just try my best to keep making good music.”

On what people have been saying on Olamide taken over his brother's style of music, he said:

“Olamide is my best rapper and I love him so much. I have also learnt a lot of things from him and I hope to feature him soon. I don’t hold anything against him. I don’t think Olamide copied Dagrin’s style; their music only sounds similar. We’re all in the game and every one is doing their thing.”

Here's a video toTrod's single titled "Wild Mind" as produced by SB and directed by SDVISUALS.

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