Zimbabwean Pastor Claims He Is God Special Adviser

zimbabwean pastor claims he is God special adviser
Zimbabwean pastor, Prophet Talent Madungwe has revealed that he God's special adviser and that him and God are best friends.

According to source, the controversial man of God made it known that he do have discussions with God on several occasions and that he is the number four person to God after Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

In fact he lay claims that he is very holy even more than Angel Michael and Angel Gabriel as they at his back in terms of righteousness.

The pastor told his church members how he had a very long discussion with God, but when he was asked to show proof with photographs, he simply replied, "It was not possible to have pictures with God".

“You can’t have pictures of God, the cameras will not function. He came to me in physical form on April 30, 2017.

Only 60 people are righteous in this country and among those, only a few of the popular prophets are among the list. I cannot reveal the names

I came fourth because I performed better than the others. Performance is judged monthly. In April, I saw God and he ordained me to be his advisor; He told me when the world will come to an end.

God told me that if all people repent, the world will come to an end in 300 years but if it is not the case, then it will be 100 years.

As I have said, I’m God’s advisor and I will have a meeting with Him and tell him if people are repenting because he has put me in charge of advising Him on matters concerning the world. This will be in five years.”

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