Spanish Nanny Who Tried To Suffocate A Baby Is Allowed To Return To Work After Paying A Fine...So Would You Still Allow Her Come Near Your Kids?

Spanish nanny who tried to suffocate a baby is allowed to return to work after paying a fine
A 50 year old spanish nanny who had tried to suffocate a 10 month year old baby has been allowed to continue her job after agreeing to pay a fine.

The woman identified as Mercedes GS, was fined £632 and was told to carry on with her job as a nanny by the court in Zaragoza, Spain.

According to reports, under the Spanish law the court could not ban the woman from taking up her nanny job as it was said that the woman has only been convicted of causing injury and not attempted murder.

However, the nanny was hired by a Spanish couple to help them with the house chores and also to take care of their son.

But around January last year, it was said that the parents noticed a red mark on the boys face and decided to take him to the hospital of which the doctors discovered that the boy was deprived of oxygen for up to four minutes caused by probably wrapping up his face with a pillow.

During the trial in court, Mercedes GS told the court, "I don't know what had happend to the child. I didn't touch him". "I didn't fall over, he didn't fall over".

Also one of the representatives of the family of the child, Xena Cabello had expressed her concern that Mercedes GS could commit similar offences or even worst than that if she is allowe to continue with the job of taking care of the kids.

The question is can you allow her to take of your kids despite committing such act?

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