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Plus Sized Nollywood Actress Ify Okoke Explains The Reason She Choose 17 As Her Birthday Age

nollywood actress Ify Okeke reveals why she choose 17 as her birthday age

We had earlier published a post about the nollywood actress, Ify Okeke, who claimed she was 17. Well the actress has decdied to give us the explanation why she claimed that age.

In her words:

What can I offer to the Lord to make him happy? We all sleep and wake up without knowing what a great miracle it is. We get sick often times, we heal and we take it for granted. I was sick for months yet I took God’s grace for granted. Did I really testify NO rather I was still asking for all I wanted. Did I at any moment realized that’s only the living that can LIE ABOUT THE NUMBERS OF THERE AGE? NO but yet God has blessed me with a gift the a man can ever buy with money which is MY LIFE and for this reason I say DALUOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OLISA BI N’IGWE. Who am I that I shouldn’t be proud of your grace? Who am I that should only care about what AGE AM I or WHAT AM SIZE IS or WHAT PEOPLE SHOULD SAY or WHAT I HAVE ACHIEVED or NOT? Only fools can be ungrateful to you My God, only fools like me can question your plans for my life by checking my age . TODAY 4th June I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH MY CREATOR & a sweet HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MUA

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