New Music: Steves J Bryan - "Eight"

new music: Steves J Bryan - "Eight"
Steves J Bryan is a rapper whose unique style of music, manner and magnetism are undeniably, what makes him different from other rappers we are used to hearing.

He was born on September 19th 1989 at Camp Haitien, under the leagl the name of Steves Bryan Joseph. The rapper is born of a Dominican mother and Haitian father.

Previous to becoming the man he is today, the rapper has had his own share of struggles that he has overcome in the course of prayer and meditation.

He speaks of his struggle in his music but not in his daily life. "I was told my mama i was hungry, she told me to go dream about food", he recalls.

Steves explained that his struggles have taught him to manage hiis emotions, to make right decisions and predominantly to be a leader within his community, family and friends.

"I don't use my struggles for honour or glory. I know my potentials. Mwen konn kote menm Ka ri we.
I use my struggles to help young minds in order for them to be strong. If people want to look at the good things i have done and follow them that's great. As you follow the good the i've done remember that i have done wrong like everyone else. I', not perfect." He explains

Steves J Bryan - "Eight"

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