"Her A** Has To Be Big o..." Wizkid Talks About His Criteria For Dancers

Wizkid talks about his criteria for for dancers
Starboy, Wizkid has revealed it is his responsibility to select dancers for any of his video shoot based on his own specific features for any woman that want to appear in his video.

The superstar reveled this in an interview with MTV Base, where he clearly stated that there are citeria a woman must possess to be his dancer.

So the question that some might probably come up with it is, is it possible to to hope one day you too can twerk in the same video with the Daddy Yo? okay, worry less as you are about to know the next strategy or better still know your fate.

The 'babanla' crooner actually revealed there are three main assests a lady must possess. Yes o, this assests are really important as they determine if you will ever come closer to any of his videos.

Yup, here we go, the very first thing to possess acoording to Wizkid is your nationality...Yo've got to be African to be in Wizzyboy video...Nope! it's not being racist, it's ownership of his continent and acceptance of what it has...and it's his choice, so let's move on!

The second criterion is that you have to know how to dance! but wait oo, why would you want to be a dancer in a video when you don't know how to dance...I know some would probably be like i have a cute face so i can easily slide into his video, well sorry babe, Wizkid is saying you should back off, no dancing skills, no coming close.

Also, the last criterion you should possess is a big ass! mind you id didn't say that, Wizkid did. So Wizkid really want you to have sizeable backside for you to be considered for any of his videos.

Therefore, If you are African and can move your body to the size of the beat with backside 'twerkable' and worth the view, come closer to Daddy Yo!

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