Boyfriend Kills Pregnant Girlfriend For Not Washing His Clothes

boyfriend kills pregnant girlfriend for not washing his clothes
When Hannah, a native of Benue state moved in with Mattew few years ago, she thought and hoped that they will soon become husband and wife.

But after bearing three female children for Mattew, Hannah thought the fourth preganncy would definitely bring a male child as that would make Mattew do the necessary things and formally take her as a wife.

However, all those dreams are sai to follow the wind now, as the very man Hannah had shared the same bed with for years has decided to send her to an early grave over minor issues concerning domestic chores.

According to Daily Sun, the mother of three who was eight months pregnant was beaten to death by her lover on June 6, 2016, in their residence in Lugbe, Abuja, because she did not wash his clothes.

It was gathered that the late Hannah had been in the hospital all day long forr her ante-natal and when she returned home she was too tired to do anything and she had to postpone all the chores to the following day.

Unfortunately for Hannah, her lover on his rerurn home from work took offence on Hannah not being able to wash his clothes but it was reported that Hannah had explained the reasons for not doing so and alos begged her lover that she would do all the domestic chores the following day.

But all please were turned on to a deaf ears, as Mattew pounded so heavily on her, beating her until she gave up the ghost.

A former neighbour of the couple, Mrs Precious Igbokwe told Daily Sun how Mattew made life a living hell for the deceased because she only gave birth to female children. She said:

"I lived close their apartment as a single lady for over six years; we were close neigbours. They they were not married legally as confirmed by Hannah, she was hopeful for the future. She really suffred much in the hands of that beast."

She alsomentioned that when the deceased delivered her last baby girl, her husband abandoned them in the hospital and also stopped the neighbours from bathing or assiting the mother.

"Therefore he continued maltreating them and calling the baby a bastard. He is a sadist. He doesn't greet or respond to gretings from neighbours," she added.

As soon as the incident occurred, Lugbe women took the streets to protest the gruesome murder of Hannah whom they described as a rare gem.

Spealking on behalf of Lugbe women community, Lan Musa, a native a Kogi state, expressed outrage over the death of the mother of three and called for a stop to domestic violence.

Musa, who also suffered domestic violence, said Hannah's death was the third incident of women who have been killed as a result of domestic violence in the locality.

She called on government to take a decisive stand to curb the ugly trend.

Also, a friend of the deceasd whom she visited on the morning she was killed, Mrs. Felicai Zira. told Abuja Metro with tears in her eyes that: "Hannah complained bitterly how her live-in lover has been maltreating her for years, beating her uncontrollably, issuing threats to her life."

"I adviced her to report the matter to her relatives or relevant authorities, like Ministry of Women Affairs, to tackle the dometic violence and stop the reccurrence," she said.

Another of the deceased neighbour, Mrs Joy Ogu also said that the late Hannah lived in fear all through her co-habitation with Mattew.

According to her, "In a bid to make life meaningful for herself and children, she engaged in menial jobs in a nearby school, where she sneaked out every morning to clean withut the knowledge of her husband, through which she was able to save N10,000 toenable her set up petty business."

"Painfully when she startes selling kerosine and some foodstuff, he stopped giving them token for feeding, leaving her to worry about their upkeep."

Ogu lamented that Hannah who despeartely craved for a male child, did not live to birth her baby boy.

She said: "Our pastor and some members of the church took her to the mortuary, they evacuated the baby before taking her to the mortuary; they testified it was a handsome male child. What a tragic loss!

"I feel so bad that she died a painful death. Why would a man beat an 8-months-old pregnant woman as if he was in wrestling contest with his fellow man?

"Whitish substances were gushing out from her mouth and he saw her losing life, yet he continued beating her to accomplish his mission," she said

Spokesperson for the FCT Police Command, ASP Usen Omorodian, confirmed that Mattew was in the custody of the Criminal Investigation Department, noting that he would be arriagned in court soon.

"He iw with us at the state CID for further investigation. However, we would arraigned him in court next week for judgement."
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