"98% Of Women In Ghana Get Pregnant By Accident" - Catholic Relief Services

"98% of women in ghana get pregnant by accident" - Catholic relief services
The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Ghana has revealed that up to 98 percent of women in Ghana usually get pregnant by accident.

According to a representative of CRS, Kris Azar, he said lack of support from their husbands and the fear of using modern contraceptives are basically one f the reason for the increase in unwanted pregnancies.

He had made this statement during a recent dissemination workshop on Strenghtening Marriages and Relationships Through Planning And Communications (SMART) couple and fertility Awareness method (FAM) project in Tamale.

Mr Ozar stated that 50 percent of the girls from the sub-Saharan african countries marry and start child bearing during their adolescent ages with least resources and no decision making power in the household, which affect the family well being.

Mr. Andrews Asamoah, the project manager for SMART couples, said couples who adopted the new behaviours and communication techniques were better and able to plan to improve their health and wwell being of their entire family.

He said the SMART Couples Project had helped the young couples and demonstrated the highest improvements in gender relations and dynamics, male involvement in child health, birth spacing and joined in health decision making.

Catholic Relief Services is a humanitarian aid organisation, which help the poor and vulnerable by responding to major emergencies and also helps to fight against hunger and diseases.

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