I Am No Longer Enslave By Thoughts That Hold Me Back - Lami Philips

I Am Not Enslave By Thoughts That Hold Me Back - Lami Philips
Actress, song writer and singer, Lami Philips probably has some inspirational words for herself and for everyone out there.

She posted on her social media;

 FREEDOM! I am not enslaved by thoughts or beliefs that hold me back any longer. LIBERATION... because the spirit in me speaks of a newness.. a freshness.. a beginning. LIFE.. because truth lives inside me..what are the lies you have told yourself about yourself? Anything that isn't in alignment with your creators opinion is a lie.

 Did you tell yourself you're not good enough? Did you lie to yourself that you're weak.. unable.. unqualified..useless? Did you let lies in that crippled your purpose? It's time to fight fear with faith!It's time to fight stagnation with purpose! It's time to fight nonsense with sense! It's time to face that lie and tell it the truth! My darling , one life.. just one! No refund in our days.. I keep saying it. FIGHT! Please stop blaming anyone for where you are! They aren't worth it and they can't give you the freedom you need/deserve. FIGHT.. for you. You have to live.. you have to fulfil purpose.. you don't have time. It's here.. it's now.

 This here is LIFE. Live it. Wake up. Be counted. Start. Baby steps. Write it down.. the vision.. build it.. see it.. speak life to it... validate it. YOU ARE NOT A MISTAKE.. You were born for a reason. There is reason behind your pain, there is reason behind your story, there is reason behind your mistake , there is reason behind those tears, there is reason behind your heartache , there is reason for your story... someone will be liberated just because you are. Let me repeat that... SOMEONE WILL BE LIBERATED JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE. You see the reason is that other lives are depending on you to be who you were purposed to be. Your pain, tears, struggle is not to punish you but to liberate others.. #selah . Get up! Get up! You are enough. All you need is within you already. You are powerful. Be great

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