Kenyan Tattoo Artist Who Had Slept With Over 500 Women, Have 7 Kids And 6 Baby Mamas, Advices Single Men Against Marrying Single Moms

The Kenyan shared his experience and explained he thinks single men should stay away from marrying single moms.

"From campus ,job then you marry a woman with a kid. Bro that's not love, it's witchcraft. When you were studying that hoe was riding dicks.

I'm not crazy, trust me. You have no idea how many d**ks have been there before you. She's 30, she lost her virginity at 16, do your math.

Just don't marry woman with a kid if you don't have your own out there. Not worth it bro.
Never Jump from single to marrying a woman with kid that's not yours. Ahusband and a father! Enjoy life first bro  because that hoe did.

I've slept with 500 women so far, 7 kids, 6 baby mamas...And i'm only 38 yrs. You see why you should't trust women?

And lets not forget i still sleep with my babay mamas when i feel like and most of them are marrried...Nigas take my advice serioulsy.

All i'm saying is..Don't raise bastards. Be wise. Simple.

Just don't marry a woman with a kid if you don't have your own out there. Not worth it bro.

Sleeping with 500+ women, having 7 kids with different women...Judge me all you want. In my defense, i can do all things through Christ."

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