FIFA To Increase World Cup To 48-Team Tournament

FIFA To Increase World Cup To 48-Team Tournament
Fifa has decided to increase the world cup team to a 48 team nation tournament come 2026.

So if the changes are made, the competiton will now be looking at 16 groups which will include three teams in each group of which two matches will be playedd instead of the normal three matches, while a knock out stage will comprise the remaining 32 sides.

However, the tournament will now be completed in 32 days and will also include a total of 80 matches compared to its previoulsy 64 matches.

One thing we realised is that, despite all the changes, the eventual winners of the tournament will still play seven matches which is still the same numbers as it was with the 32 teams.

European teams may now now have 16 team spot in the competiton instead of the normal 13. Africa and Asian countries could have up to 9 spots depending on the number of entries each continent has.
We could still recall that at the 2014 world cup in Brazil, they had 5 and 4 teams respectively.

Also the host for the event at 2026 is not yet scheduled for consideration until 2020 with a bid featuring the United states, either on its own or in conjunction with one or both of Canada and Mexico, any one of early favourite.

According to research, extra teams could mean extra revenue for FIFA. Based on their research an extra teams could result in an additional 521 million pounds profit on the current format.

They have also calculated that the tournament revenue would increase to 5.29 billion pounds with 48 teams.

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