BRAINTEASER! Can You Find The Word 'Dog'? The World's Ever World Search Puzzle Is Messing With People's Heads

 A Reddit user has uploaded this very difficult word puzzle on the social sharing site, but the question still remain can you find the word 'dog' among all the other letters?

Finding the three letter word should be something very simple but i guess people online are finding it difficult as even the Reddit users are claiming that this word puzzle is the most difficult ever.
Why not take a look at it above and see if you can sort it out.

The grid which was uploaded yeaterday by Jivandabeast, has under 100 letters but unfortunately for puzzle lovers, all of the letters are either a 'd', 'o' or a 'g', making it look so tricky to get.

However, the snap of the word search has already received over 200 comments from confused users who are desperately trying to locate the three letter word.


If you have been struggling trying to locate the word on the search, fear not because we already have the answer to the question.

If you look at the 2nd letter ‘D’ on the 3rd line down, the word is spelt out diagonally down to the right.

Check it out below:

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